Nepali migrant deaths rising at alarming rate

  • Utpal Parashar, Hindustan Times, Kathmandu
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  • Updated: Aug 19, 2013 23:33 IST

Forced by lack of avenues and poverty, hundreds of Nepalis leave the country daily in search of better prospects abroad. But not all of them return home alive.

A fresh report by the Foreign Employment Promotion Board, a government body, states 726 Nepali migrant workers (nearly two daily) died last year in East Asian and Gulf nations.

The figure could be higher as the report gives details of only those workers who have gone abroad legally making their families entitled to compensation from a welfare fund.

The latest figure is a 13% increase from 2011 when 643 Nepali workers died in these countries.

Highest number of deaths took place in Malaysia (253) followed by Saudi Arabia (205), Qatar (151), UAE (47) and South Korea and Bahrain each with 14 deaths. Heart ailments, traffic accidents, mishaps at the work place and suicides are the leading causes of most of these deaths.

Nepal’s economy is heavily dependent on remittances sent by migrant workers as it accounts for 22% of the country’s GDP.


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