Now, smell coffee or lavender when you get mail, Facebook message

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  • Updated: Oct 27, 2013 16:10 IST

Researchers have developed a plug-in accessory with a customisable LED light that emits smells from coconut to curry when you get a new email or Facebook message.

Scentee, which is made by a Japanese company with the same name, plugs into your phone and releases a chosen scent when you get a notification.

That means that every time someone comments on your Facebook post or sends you an email, you could get a whiff of lavender or coconut or coffee.

The round, white gadget plugs into the headphone socket and contains an LED light that can be customised using the free Scentee app. You can also schedule the scent emission to match your alarm clock for a fragrant wake-up call.

The scent cartridges come in traditional fragrances like rose, jasmine and apple, as well as more unusual smells like curry and corn soup.


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