'Snowden disappears after arrival in Moscow'

  • AFP, Moscow
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  • Updated: Jun 23, 2013 21:41 IST

The US spy wanted by Washington, Edward Snowden, did not emerge with other passengers in the terminal, after he landed in Moscow on a flight from Hong Kong. Some fellow travellers said he may have been whisked away directly from the airport tarmac.

Snowden was not among the passengers on the Aeroflot flight who emerged into the public area of Terminal F at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, after the flight from Hong Kong arrived today.
But some passengers said they saw a car parked next to the plane after it taxied to the terminal building, leaving the possibility he may have been taken away separately from the other passengers.
"They were getting luggage straight from the plane into the car. It seemed a little strange. I saw three pieces of luggage," Aeroflot passenger Jason Stephens from the United States told AFP.
A diplomatic car was also seen at VIP arrivals, with an Ecuadorean flag. It was accompanied by an SUV, also apparently from the embassy.
Snowden's final travel plans have not been confirmed but a source within Aeroflot told Russian media he planned to head to Venezuela via Havana on Monday.
Rossiya 24 state rolling news channel speculated that the ex-operative could be spending the night at one of the South American embassies in Moscow.


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