Thailand to draw ‘play zones’, set limits on Pokemon Go players

  • PTI, Bangkok
  • Updated: Aug 10, 2016 14:50 IST
Thai cellular service providers have agreed to draw “play zones” for Pokemon Go. (AP File Photo)

Thai cellular service providers have agreed to draw “play zones” for Pokemon Go, while the US developer of the augmented reality game, will be asked to make certain places off limits to character hunters for security, safety and other reasons.

Government House will be one of the no-entry locations for “monster” hunters, as are other public offices, temples, hospitals and private property.

Areas such as railroad tracks, roads and riverbanks will also be red zones.

Head of the army’s cyber technology centre Maj-General Ritti Indarawud said the Army will introduce measures to regulate the game by military personnel after monsters were found inside Army compounds and other restricted areas.

“Motorists would be fined Rs 800 to 2000 if found playing the game while driving,” police said.

“Police officials will also be subjected to disciplinary action if they are caught playing the game while on duty,” they said.

Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission said telecom firms also backed a suggestion that Pokemon Go fans should not be allowed to play the game at night to avoid untoward incidents.

True Corp, a local licensee of Pokemon Go, will send a request to the US developer Niantic Inc, asking for its cooperation, Takorn said, adding the game developer would also be informed of Thailand’s restricted areas and other places involving national security.

Telecom firms will also have to publish handbooks for parents to advice their children on safety and other aspects involved in playing the game.

Deputy prime minister Prawit Wongsuwan, who is also defence minister, said “the game developer needs to avoid having players chase Pokemon in restricted areas”.

“People need to be careful while playing the game in public places to avoid accidents and violating the rights of other people,” he said.

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