US hi-tech terror court

  • PTI, Guantanamo Bay
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  • Updated: Jul 01, 2010 23:58 IST

Even as the fate of Guantanamo Bay remains unresolved, the US has created one of the most high-tech military courts to try the detainees who were captured during the “war against terror,” that has been persisting since September 11, 2001.

The electronic equipment in “Courtroom No 2” is worth four million dollars, according to the US military here who put the total cost of the “multidefendant” court at 12 million dollars.

The US authorities describe this as a “top secret and above court” primarily because it contains a delayed audio feed for the press, NGOs and other observers who sit behind a glass wall in the court.

In case, where a witness or a lawyer divulges information considered to be a threat to national security during the proceedings, a red light flashes in the room and the feed to the public is immediately cut off.


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