US soldier admits role in Kuwait grenade attack

  • Agence France-Presse, PTI, Washington
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  • Updated: Mar 23, 2003 15:12 IST

A soldier with the US Army's elite 101st Airborne Division has admitted carrying out a grenade attack that killed a member of his unit and wounded a dozen others, a Time Magazine reporter told CNN television early on Sunday.

"I'm told he admitted doing it," said Jim Lacey, who is embedded with troops from the unit in the northern Kuwait desert.

Military officials said the unidentified soldier hurled an undetermined number of grenades on Saturday into a heavily guarded US military camp in the northern Kuwait desert.

Lacey said family members of the injured soldiers were being notified early on Sunday.

The suspect is a sergeant attached to an engineering unit and has "an Arabic-sounding last name," Lacey said.

The attack occurred at Camp Pennsylvania, a sprawling US military outpost in the desert near the Iraqi border, which is under intense round-the-clock security.

US military officials initially suspected that the attack was the work of a terrorist who had managed to breach the massive security surrounding US troops.

"There was no assumption of an American early on in this thing," Lacey told CNN.

Suspicion eventually fell on the arrested man when it was discovered that "there were four grenades missing from his area," Lacey said.

Lacey told CNN that the man had recently been disciplined for "insubordination issues," and that his superiors had "decided to leave him behind when the unit advanced into Iraq.


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