US warplanes bomb Saddam's yacht

  • Agence France-Presse, PTI, Aboard USS Kitty Hawk
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  • Updated: Apr 03, 2003 14:50 IST

Warplanes from this US Navy aircraft carrier have bombed Saddam Hussein's presidential yacht for a third time, a Navy public affairs officer said on Thursday.

"The presidential yacht was again targeted," Lieutenant Brook Dewalt told reporters on this aircraft carrier in the Gulf.

Dewalt said six 500-pound bombs were used in Wednesday's attack, which came on the same day that Rear Admiral Matthew Moffit said he was "pretty satisfied, pretty satisfied" another bombing run would not be necessary.

Moffit is commander of this aircraft carrier's battle group.

Public affairs officers announced on Tuesday that attack fighters had bombed the yacht in the southern city of Basra Monday, marking the second such attack in about a week.

Dewalt did not say why the boat was bombed a third time but on Wednesday Moffit said attacks on naval targets close to shore can require more than one strike as pilots try to avoid collateral damage or the clogging of waterways with sunken vessels.


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