War against India is Pak Taliban’s deal breaker

  • Reuters, Islamabad
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  • Updated: Dec 28, 2012 02:23 IST

The Pakistani Taliban have outlined conditions for a ceasefire, including the adoption of Islamic law and a break with the US, a spokesman said Thursday, an offer a senior government official described as “preposterous”.

The Taliban, in a letter sent to the Pakistan daily The News, also demanded that Pakistan stop its involvement in the war pitting Afghan insurgents against the Kabul government and refocus on a war of “revenge” against India.

The letter from Taliban spokesman Amir Muawiya comes as the focus in Afghanistan shifts from a military push by Nato troops to potential peace talks, and amid speculation of a rift between top Pakistan Taliban leaders.

The ceasefire conditions, confirmed by spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan in a phone call to Reuters,  said Pakistan should rewrite its laws and constitution according to Islamic law.

“We are ready to cease fire with Pakistan as long as they meet our demands  that an Islamic system should be put into place, they should fix their foreign policy and stop agreeing to America’s demands,” Ihsan said.

“The big mistake (the government) made is that they fought America’s war in Afghanistan and brought it into Pakistan,” Ihsan said.


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