World T20 Final: England reach 155 against West Indies

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  • Updated: Apr 03, 2016 20:53 IST
West Indies Carlos Brathwaite celebrates with his teammates after taking the wicket of Jos Buttler. (Reuters Photo)

England reached 155 at the end of their innings against West Indies at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens Stadium on Sunday.

(Follow West Indies’ chase)

Over 19: 7 runs off the over. Eng 145/9

18.3 Bravo to Plunkett, OUT

Badree has taken the catch, but it seems like he has hurt his shoulder coming down to hit the turf.

Over 18: 7 runs and a wicket off the over. Eng 138/8

17.3 Brathwaite to Willey, OUT

He misjudged it at first, but Charles rushes forward and dives as far as he could to pick up the catch! Willey found a short ball and wanted to send it out of the park. But he was perhaps beaten for pace. Brathwaite’s upped his pace massively for this tournament. Hits him high on the bat and therefore ruins his timing.

Over 17: 14 runs off the over. Eng 131/7

Over 16: 2 runs off the over. Eng 117/7

Over 15: 5 runs and a wicket off the over. Eng 115/7

14.1 Brathwaite to Root, OUT

Root premeditated a scoop shot, moving outside off, so Brathwaite slowed it up and shortened the length. The batsman was left reaching for the ball up over his face, and without pace, he simply guides it to the catcher.

Over 14: 7 runs and two wickets off the over. Eng 110/6

13.6 Bravo to Ali, OUT

It’s the slower ball again and Bravo’s done the star turn for West Indies. Poor Root can only watch from the other end as the shortish delivery is gloved to the wicketkeeper. Out comes the champion dance again, this time Sammy and Bravo are doing it together as the team crowds around them.

13.4 Bravo to Stokes, OUT

It was perhaps the slower ball bouncer, Stokes was set up for the pull and then realised he would be beaten for pace. Decides to bail out of the shot, except the ball followed his moving away down leg. Leaps off the open face and ends up in point’s hands. Dolly of a catch.

Over 13: 14 runs off the over. Eng 103/4

Over 12: 6 runs and a wicket off the over. Eng 89/4

11.2 Brathwaite to Buttler, OUT

It was a back of a length ball that Buttler has pulled right off the middle. Crash, came the sound and the ball hurtled away flat. Right into the hands of the fielder.

Over 11: 16 runs off the over. Eng 83/3

Over 10: Another 10 runs off the over. Eng 67/3

Over 9: 10 runs off the over. Eng 57/3

Over 8: 6 runs off the over. Eng 47/3

Over 7: 8 runs off the over. Eng 41/3

Over 6:10 runs off the over. Eng 33/3

Over 5: Wicket maiden for Badree. Eng 23/3

4.4 Badree to Morgan, OUT

This time it takes the outside edge and Gayle is there to gobble it up. It seems he hadn’t picked this one either, judging from the way he had tried to close the bat face and was hoping to work a straight ball around the corner. The outside edge of doom!

Over 4: 14 runs off the over. Eng 23/2

Over 3: Another good over as 1 run came from it. Eng 9/2

Over 2: 1 run and a wicket off the over. Eng 8/2

1.5 Russell to Hales, OUT

He’s picked out short fine leg! The only man there! Russell cannot believe it. Hales is livid with himself. This was a half-tracker, down the leg side, begging to be tonked and he simply helped it into the hands of Badree. A few yards either side, or even a little more height on that and England would have had the boundary they wanted to settle nerves.

Over 1: Good start for West Indies. 7 runs and a wicket off the over. Eng 7/1

0.2 Badree to Roy, OUT

The slider goes straight through Roy. What a start for West Indies, and yet Badree barely celebrates. He just walks in to collect the applause like a boss. Another straighter one, pitches on middle, zips through to take leg. Roy was a bit too slow on it again.

West Indies skipper Darren Sammy won the toss and decided to bowl first against England in the World T20 final at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens Stadium.

West Indies’ rag-tag army of short-format mercenaries will be hoping they have the weapons to overcome a fearless England in Sunday’s World Twenty20 final as both sides target the honour of being the first to claim a second title in the tournament on Sunday.

England XI: J Roy, A Hales, J Root, E Morgan, B Stokes, J Buttler, M Ali, C Jordan, A Rashid, D Willey, L Plunkett

West Indies XI: J Charles, C Gayle, M Samuels, L Simmons, D Ramdin, DJ Bravo, A Russell, D Sammy, C Brathwaite, S Badree, S Benn.

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