7 Jamaatul Mujahideen suspects arrested in Bangladesh raid

  • HT Corresponndent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 24, 2015 15:19 IST
File Photo of Bangladeshi police officers. (AFP Photo)

Seven suspected members of the banned Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) were arrested when detectives and SWAT teams raided a building in Bangladesh’s capital on Thursday.

The JMB is responsible for recent attacks on foreigners, minority Hindus and Shias, police said.

Monirul Islam, a joint commissioner of the detective branch, said police raided the five-storey building early on Thursday after getting a tip-off from sources and after the detention of another JMB member.

The raid began at 2 am and the suspects were detained in the morning. At least three of the suspects hold important posts in the banned group, he said.

Police found bombs and grenades in the possession of the detained men.

“At least 20 grenades have been found in a sack in their possession and those locally made grenades have similarity with grenades recovered earlier,” Islam said.

“According to primary interrogation, the home was being used as a den of making bombs and grenades,” he said. “They rented the place three to four months ago.”

No one was wounded during the raid despite the detonation of some bombs when police launched the raid, Islam said.

Details of the arrested suspects were not disclosed immediately. Islam said the suspects were taken to a police office for questioning.

Officials kept the building cordoned off until Thursday afternoon. Families living in the building were evacuated as a bomb disposal unit swept the structure.

The JMB was founded in 1998. The radical group was banned in 2005, when it carried out near-simultaneous attacks with some 500 homemade bombs at nearly 300 locations across Bangladesh to press its demand for introducing Shariah law in the Muslim-majority country, traditionally ruled by secular laws.

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