A democratic China would have been like India at best: Xinhua

  • Sutirtho Patranobis, Hindustan Times, Beijing
  • Updated: Mar 12, 2015 23:26 IST

Democracy would have been catastrophic for China, state media has said, adding that had it adopted the democratic system, China would have been like India “at best”.

Like India, China would have been saddled with millions of poor people, the commentary added.

In a scathing and sarcastic commentary on the western-style democratic system, state-controlled Xinhua said a bipartisan political system would have led to endless political bickering and political dysfunction in the country.

“Should China have adopted a system that facilitated lobbying among interest groups, policies on domestic infrastructure to bills that had worldwide implication would be caught in a self perpetuating cycle of limitless debates,” the commentary, published to coincide with the ongoing session of China’s rubber-stamp Parliament, said.

At best, China would have been another India, the commentary said, indicating exactly how China’s state-controlled media views India.

“At best, China would have been another India, the world's biggest democracy by Western standards, where around 20 percent of the world's poorest live and whose democracy focuses on how power is divided,” the commentary said.

“In 2014, India registered a per capital gross domestic product equal to a mere quarter of China's GDP,” it added.

“Hindsight shows us that the Western political system, which is not inherently problematic and was designed to encourage "freedom", would have been incompatible to a country where efficiency has driven remarkable economic growth and social development,” the commentary said.

Political lobbying would dilute the unique strength and success of socialist China's "concentrating resources to do big things".

Taking a critical view of democracy, it added that a system that “allows plurality is fertile ground for election rigging, vote buying and the silencing of minorities. In a country as ethnically and geographically diverse as China, the fires of opposition would have been stoked and the nation divided”.

“Even in comparison with the Republicans in the United States, filibusters in Chinese Congress would have made any health care or poverty reduction bill extremely difficult to pass.

Further, China's feat of becoming the first developing country to halve its population living in poverty would have never been accomplished,” the commentary said.

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