Brazilian man drives for two hours with knife in head

  • PTI, Washington
  • Updated: Jan 04, 2015 20:07 IST

A 39-year-old Brazilian man who was stabbed in the head at a house party drove for over two hours to hospital with a 30cm knife sticking out of his head.

The knife narrowly missed Juacelo Nunes' left eye and passed through his mouth into the right side of his jaw.

Bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds, Nunes travelled 97km from the remote village of Agua Branca to the municipality of Teresina - both in northeastern Piaui state.

Nunes also suffered two knife wounds to his throat, shoulder and chest when he was stabbed after an argument at the party, Sky News reported.

"The knife passed through several nerves and veins, structures that can quickly kill a patient," said Gilberto Albuquerque, the director of the hospital in Teresina.

The knife was removed and given to police who are investigating the attack, the doctor told G1 news website.

Albuquerque added that Nunes was recovering surprisingly well.

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