Britain launches more airstrikes on Syria oilfield

  • Prasun Sonwalkar, Hindustan Times, London
  • Updated: Dec 09, 2015 17:37 IST
British Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 aircraft is seen on the tarmac at the British airbase at Akrotiri, near Cyprus' second city of Limassol. Britain has carried out another round of airstrikes against wellheads in the Omar oilfield, one of the major sources of IS’ revenue. (AFP Photo)

The Royal Air Force has carried out another round of airstrikes against wellheads in the sprawling Omar oilfield in Syria, considered one of the major sources of revenue of the Islamic State.

The Omar oilfield was the target of the first wave of bombardment by RAF jets after Britain’s parliament gave the approval for airstrikes in Syria last week.

The Ministry of Defence said on Wednesday Tornado GR4 combat jets carried out the strikes. The jets joined other coalition aircraft in a “carefully coordinated strike against the oil infrastructure upon which Daesh relies for much of their revenue to fund their barbaric activities”.

It added: “The GR4s conducted successful attacks using Paveway IV guided bombs. The Tornados then joined Typhoon FGR4s, also flying from RAF Akrotiri (in Cyprus), in conducting armed reconnaissance to investigate possible further terrorist targets”.

On Monday, the ministry said a pair of Tornado jets had provided close air support to offensive operations by Iraqi forces in western Ramadi. An Islamic State mortar position was identified and successfully engaged with a Brimstone missile.

A Reaper drone has been supporting Kurdish troops in northern Iraq, and it used a Hellfire missile to destroy a terrorist vehicle, the ministry said.

“West of Qayyara, Tornados on 8 December conducted two Brimstone attacks on Daesh terrorists. That evening, a further pair of Tornados assisted Iraqi soldiers northeast of Bayji; the GR4s used Paveway IVs to destroy three Daesh positions which were directing heavy machine gun and mortar fire at the Iraqis,” it said

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