Chicken gets a treat, tweets for Australian fast food chain

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Nov 04, 2015 17:33 IST
“Betty” the tweeting chicken

Betty has been taking care of the social media account of an Australian fast-food chicken franchise for the past one month now.

There is nothing extraordinary about Betty’s job except for the fact that she is a four-year-old hen. And, the first tweeting chicken in the world has compiled more than a hundred tweets till now and boasts of a crazy following on social media.

Betty has been placed in a bed of straw and provided with a computer by Chicken Treat, the takeaway food chain, and whenever she compiles a tweet by just walking all over the keyboard it gets tweeted on the company’s official Twitter account - how is that for social media strategy?

While most of the tweets don’t make any sense, the chicken has accidentally managed to come up with one or two random words, which has got Betty’s Twitter fans all excited.

According to the company, the chicken came very close to spelling “Ghoul” during Halloween.

Also, like Lord Voldemort she can speak parseltongue.

And she falls asleep on the job as well!

Betty is entitled to holidays too...

She has also been empowered with a social media training. You do not believe it? Then this video is a must watch:

However, the company’s social media strategy may backfire as PETA has already taken the issue seriously.

The animal rights organisation has been translating Betty’s tweets for some time now and the anti-campaign seems to be working and many people have started sending tweets to the organisation asking them to retire Betty.

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