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Eating kiwis, make your skin glow

world Updated: Feb 18, 2013 02:09 IST
Naomie Harris

Eating at least three portions of fruit and vegetables daily - including carrots, cabbages and kiwi fruit - gives your skin a “healthy” radiance akin to a tan after just a few weeks, a new study has revealed.

Psychologists from the University of St Andrews analysed the impact fruit and vegetable consumption had on perception of skin colour.

Researchers found that increased fruit and vegetable consumption led to a deepening of natural and yellow skin colouration, the Daily Mail reported. ANI

What men think of women’s height
London: It seems that while women want their perfect man to be 8 inches taller than them, men are most satisfied when they are closer to their ideal partner, and look for someone who is only 3 inches shorter, a study has revealed. Researchers quizzed 700 men and women about their ideal partner height, as well as what would be the minimum and maximum acceptable. A second part of the study asked 50,000 men and women how satisfied they were with their own height. The most satisfying height for a man is 6ft 3in; for a woman, it’s 5ft 9in. PTI

Why early humans shed hair
Washington: Hairless skin among humans first evolved as a way to keep cool. Prior to the evolution of mostly naked skin, humans were furry creatures, not unlike chimpanzees now, said Nina Jablonski, professor of anthropology at Penn State University.

About 1.5 to 2 million years ago, early humans, who were regularly on the move as hunters and scavengers, evolved into nearly hairless creatures to more efficiently sweat away excess body heat, said Jablonski. Later, humans began to decorate skin to increase attractiveness to the opposite sex and to express group identity. IANS

Naomie launches ‘007 train’

London: Bond star Naomie Harris launched a Skyfall-branded train on the Flying Scotsman’s old route from London to Edinburgh. The train, which has a giant image of Daniel Craig as 007 on its side, made its maiden trip on the East Coast route from King’s Cross to Edinburgh’s Waverley station.ani

Tree rings help forecast climate
London: An analysis of tree-rings can enable scientists to get an insight into the past and forecast extreme weather events. For instance, tree rings may yield insights into the past 400 years of drought and flood in tropical parts of Queensland. James Cook University’s Nathan English said that it had been believed that because of the rapid growth of trees in the tropics, their rings did not reveal reliable information.IANS