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European rail disasters in past 40 years

world Updated: Jul 25, 2013 15:56 IST

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Below are details of Europe's worst rail accidents in the past 40 years, after a train shot off the tracks in northwest Spain late Wednesday, killing at least 77 passengers and injuring 140.

It was one of the worst Spanish train accidents ever. In 1944, a collision between a train heading to Madrid from Galicia and a locomotive killed hundreds.

In 1972, 77 people died when a train derailed between Cadix and Seville.

2010 - UKRAINE, October 12: 45 killed in a collision between a train and a bus in Marganets, eastern-central Ukraine.

2006 - MONTENEGRO, January 23: 47 killed, more than 200 injured when a train derails near Podgorica.

1998 - GERMANY, June 3: 101 killed and 88 injured in Eschede, northern Germany when a high-speed train heading to Hamburg from Munich derails. It marks the worst German train accident since 102 people were killed near Munich in 1945.

1992 - RUSSIA, March 3: 41 killed and 16 injured when an express train from Moscow to Ria slams into a freight train near Tver, northwestern Russia.

1989 - RUSSIA, overnight June 3-4: 645 killed, including 181 children, in a huge gas explosion and fire at the station in Ufa, 1,200 kilometres (750 miles) east of Moscow, as two trains pass through.

1988 - RUSSIA, June 4: Almost 100 killed and more than 200 injured when a freight train carrying explosives blows up in Arzamas, 500 kilometres (310 miles) east of Moscow.

- FRANCE, June 27: 56 killed, and around the same number injured when two suburban trains collide at the Gare de Lyon in Paris.

1987 - RUSSIA, August 7: 106 killed in the collision of a passenger and freight trains in Kamenskaya, near Rostof-on-Don, southwestern Russia.

1986 - UKRAINE, November 6: Around 40 killed in the collision of two passenger trains near Koristovka, 200 kilometres (125 miles) southeast of Kiev.

1985 - PORTUGAL, September 11: Around 50 killed and 145 injured in a head-on collision of two trains near Mangualde, 80 kilometres (50 miles) southeast of Porto.

- FRANCE, August 31: 43 killed and 37 injured when a derailed train collides with another train in Argenton-on-Creuse, central France.

1980 - POLAND, August 19: 69 killed in the collision of two trains in the region of Torun, northwest of Warsaw.

1979 - SERBIA, September 13: 60 killed, 116 injured when an express train travelling between Belgrade and Skopje slams into a freight train.

1978 - ITALY, April 15: 50 killed, around 100 injured in the collision of two express passenger trains south of Bologna.

1975 - GERMANY, June 8: 40 killed, 108 injured when two trains collide in the southern region of Bavaria.

1974 - CROATIA, August 30: 153 killed when two trains collide near Zagreb.

1972 - FRANCE, June 16: 108 killed and 111 injured when a tunnel caves in on two trains in Vierzy, northern France.