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Fidel Castro warns over potential N-war in the Middle East

world Updated: Jul 14, 2010 15:52 IST
Fidel Castro

The leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro has warned that an attack by the US and Israel on Iran will inevitably lead to a nuclear war, while criticising Washington for being the world's largest spender on weapons.

"When they (the US) decide to attack Iran... one war after the other will be unleashed", Castro said.

Castro on a special television appearance made an exhaustive analysis of the grave situation existing in the Middle East as a consequence of the threats by the US and Israel to launch a destructive strike against Iran.

He observed that in any case, in the face of a massive attack against Iran, North Korea will not wait to be attacked, but will act, and a nuclear war will also break out in that zone.

He noted Washington's mistaken criterion concerning the possibility that the Iranian people would not resist the aggressors, and emphasized the type of resistance that they would indeed face.

The Iranians -he recalled- have been preparing themselves for 30 years, and have acquired modern airplanes and weapons necessary for their defense.

He was on a TV programme program Mesa Redonda or Round Table.

They are training all persons between the ages of 12 and 60; just the Guardians of the Revolution have a million members; the army and the navy have air, sea and land forces; there are 20 million Shiite Muslims, Castro said.

He added that when a chemical war was launched against Iran after the Islamic Revolution, the current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was heading the Guardians of the Revolution defending Iran's frontiers.

Ahmadinejad is no novice, reiterated the Cuban leader. From where, then, does the US get the idea that they will run away in the face of an enemy that aims to destroy everything and even declares that to be so?, he questioned.

After coinciding with Noam Chomsky in that the present situation is the Obama administration's most serious foreign policy crisis, he referred to the grave situation existing in the Korean peninsula.

He insisted that the US was responsible for the sinking of the sophisticated South Korean ship, by means of placing a mine below the ship, with the objective of justifying an attack on North Korea.

While analyzing the US Government's military policy, Fidel Castro denounced that the US spends more resources on military matters than all the other countries of the world. In the past year -he noted- Washington designated 1.53 trillion of dollars to the armaments sector.

This figure, he emphasised, is 5.9 per cent greater than that for 2008 and 49 per cent more than the year 2000.

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