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Four steps to be a millionaire

world Updated: Apr 05, 2013 02:25 IST

A professional speaker, who is also a self-made millionaire has said that anyone can get rich, the condition being that the person has to remove money out of their heart.

Pat Mesiti told that money is like a seed, and if a person invests it or gives to charity, it will come back to them.
He has listed 4 steps in which a person can reach their goal of becoming a millionaire.

Firstly, the person should get an education to learn how money works. Secondly, the individual should get around the right kind of people, as their associations in life will equal assimilations in life.

Thirdly, an individual should get good advice from people who have done it.

Fourthly, the person should work on themselves and should work on their attitude and their belief system.. ANI

‘Obama’s mother hated being White’
Washington: A controversial pastor has claimed US president Barack Obama is racist against white people and that his mother influenced this thinking because she hated being white. Jesse Lee Peterson, who was a guest on Fox News, made the accusation during an episode of the conservative TruNews BlogTalkRadio show. According to the Huffington Post, Host Rick Wiles began the discussion with the claim that Obama is not the first black president but the first mixed-race president. He parroted a conspiracy theory that Obama has ties to the so-called New World Order. ANI

Mission begins to find 100bn Earths
Washington: Researchers at University of Auckland have proposed a new method for finding Earth-like planets, and they anticipate that the number will be about 100 billion. The strategy uses a technique called gravitational microlensing, currently used by a Japan-New Zealand collaboration called MOA (Microlensing Observations in Astrophysics) at New Zealand’s Mt John Observatory. Dr Phil Yock from the University of Auckland’s Department of Physics explains that the work will require a combination of data from microlensing and the NASA Kepler telescope. PTI

‘Models eat tissues to stay skinny’
Los Angeles: Kirstie Clements, who was fired from her job as editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia last year has released a book, in which she has exposed the dark side of the fashion publishing industry. In her book, ‘The Vogue Factor’, she has detailed disturbing methods fashion models use to maintain their shape from starving models on IV drips to photoshopping models to get rid of bones and make them appear healthier. Clements told Entertainment Tonight that some models even eat tissue to stay thin, even though they swell in the stomach. ANI