Italian diner finds pearls worth 2,000 euros in oyster

  • PTI, London
  • Updated: Sep 08, 2014 21:01 IST

In a pleasant surprise, an Italian businessman discovered five pearls worth 2,000 euros inside an oyster he ordered at a restaurant.

Giuseppe Di Bianco, an executive at Poste Italiane in Italy, found the gems at Nonna Maria restaurant in Salerno, Italy.

Di Bianco, who was out on a date with his girlfriend, called up the restaurant and asked the manager to prepare some clams ahead of their visit, only to be told there were none in stock, 'The Local' reported.

Di Bianco then pleaded with the manager to replenish supplies, saying he had promised his girlfriend.

According to the 'Il Mattino' newspaper, the manager then brought fresh oysters from the nearby fish market.

The couple was served their oysters and when Di Bianco opened one of them, he found five pearls inside which could be worth around 2,000 euros, the report said.

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