Jharkhand rebel cop raises a killer gang, arrested

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Jamshedpur
  • Updated: Jul 27, 2014 19:47 IST

In a fit of misplaced vigilantism, a rebel Jharkhand cop formed a gang of four to punish and kill those they thought were lawbreakers.

The gang was arrested on Saturday-Sunday night on the charges of killing four persons, including two senior Tata officials and injuring five others for crimes ranging from rash driving, boozing in a car to illegal sale of land.

The mastermind, Anjan Kumar Shukla 30, a constable with the Jamshedpur police since 1995, bore grudges against senior police officials as he felt they didn't respect the men on the field---"they suspended them on phone calls," he confessed to senior superintendent of police (SSP) East Singhbhum, AV Homkar after his arrest.

The other members of the gang have been identified as Manish Pandey, 32, Mangal Tiwary, 31, and Kanhiya Jha, 31.

The police said all the members were from the same caste, had the same age and the same mission to punish and kill the law-breakers. Corrupt government officials, politicians and police officers were next on their hit list, the police said, quoting the gangs' confession.

Homkar said, "Shukla was trapped through phone surveillance. We were surprised when we tracked one number to the police lines. And finally the arrests were made from four different locations in the city."

He said Shukla's chief shooter was Manish Pandey, who reportedly used Munger-made guns to execute the targets.

Manish Pandey told police that he was sorry to have believed Shukla's anti-police ideology.

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