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Life, the universe & everything

Batman's sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder, will die battling a brutal enemy in a comic to be published on Wednesday.

world Updated: Feb 27, 2013 00:49 IST

DC Comics to kill off Batman's Robin in latest issue
Washington: Batman's sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder, will die battling a brutal enemy in a comic to be published on Wednesday.

The shocking death of the Dark Knight's aide-de-camp will first appear in issue number 8 of the offshoot title Batman Incorporated, but the aftermath of his demise will ripple throughout the DC Comics universe, the publisher confirmed exclusively to The New York Post.

Writer Grant Morrison told Fox News that Robin saves the world and dies an absolute hero.

Dying stars hold clues to life beyond earth
London: Researchers studying Earth-like planets orbiting white dwarf stars have concluded that dying stars could host planets with life - and if such life exists, they might be able to detect it within the next decade.

They found that oxygen could be detected in the atmosphere of a white dwarf's planet much more easily than for an Earth-like planet orbiting a Sun-like star.

"In the quest for extraterrestrial biological signatures, the first stars we study should be white dwarfs," said Avi Loeb, theorist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) and director of the Institute for Theory and Computation.

When a star like the Sun dies, it puffs off its outer layers, leaving behind a hot core called a white dwarf. A typical white dwarf is about the size of Earth.

Iran photoshops Michelle Obama's Oscar dress
Washington: An Iranian news agency has digitally altered an image of United States First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Oscar in a bid to make her look more modest.

Michelle wore a sleeveless and low cut dress by Naeem Khan, as she announced the Oscar for Best Picture during the ceremony on Sunday night. But Iran's Fars manipulated the photo to cover her chest and shoulders, Politico reported.

The photo manipulation was first reported by the blog Persian Letters.

Oscars venue flooded 45 minutes before event
New York: A mere 45 minutes before Academy Awards started, the second floor of the Dolby Theatre, the host of this year's Oscars, was flooded due to an the apparent overflow in the women's bathroom.

According to multiple reports, a water pipe burst, prompting a half dozen custodial workers to scramble to clear the inch-deep mini-flood before showtime, the New York Post reported.

The workers used two home-sized wet-vacuums and a large machine - size of a lawn mower - to tackle the mini-flood.