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Life, the universe & everything

world Updated: Nov 10, 2012 00:57 IST

4 minutes is the longest britons will wait in queues
London: British people are not willing to wait in line for more than four minutes, according to a new study. The research by mobile operator Three found that those aged over 55 are the most patient, happy to queue for four minutes, the Daily Mail reported. Those aged 35 to 44 will queue for no more than 3 mins 40 seconds, and 18 to 24-year-olds will wait for no more than 2 minutes 59 seconds.

It seems men are less patient than women, content to queue for just 3 minutes 23 seconds - compared to women at 3 minutes 39 seconds.

It's official! Women are better behind the wheel
Washington: Women are up to a fifth safer on the road than men, experts have concluded. They break speed limits less, brake less suddenly and avoid danger after dark more often at night than male motorists.

The verdict comes from the study of data from black box recorders in the vehicles of 19,000 motorists, the Daily Express reported. Half the drivers were men and half were women. Experts from car monitoring firm Wunelli found women drive 28% less at night than men, exceed speed limits 12% less and brake hard 11% less. ani

Britons call for Nobel peace Prize for Malala
London: Thousands of Britons have called on the government to nominate Pakistani education campaigner Malala Yousufzai, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for advocating girls' education, for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The 15-year-old, who was shot in the head and neck on October 9, is currently recuperating at a hospital in Birmingham, UK. Shahida Choudhary, a Pakistani-British woman has begun a campaign, urging PM David Cameron to nominate Malala for the Nobel Peace Prize, reports The Dawn. Over 30,000 people signed the petition in Britain.

Dickens' letter brands his father a "jackass"
London: English writer Charles Dickens branded his own father a "jackass" for his recklessness with money, according to a newly-discovered letter. The 172-year-old, unpublished letter is expected to sell for 3,000 pounds at an auction in London on November 13. The novelist fell out with John Dickens after his father racked up huge debts so he could lead an extravagant lifestyle beyond his means.

New super-Earth could support life
Washington: A new super-Earth has been discovered in the habitable zone, where liquid water and a stable atmosphere could reside, around the nearby star HD 40307. It is one of three new super-Earths found around the star that has three other low-mass planets orbiting it. HD 40307 is a dwarf star that is somewhat smaller and less luminous than the Sun. The previously-discovered planets orbit too close to the star to support life.