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Life,the universe & everything

A new iPhone App is offering new parents answers to questions about pregnancy, babies and childcare.

world Updated: Nov 24, 2012 01:07 IST

Nanny App for parenting tips
London: A new iPhone App is offering new parents answers to questions about pregnancy, babies and childcare. Nanny App— labelled a modern day Mary Poppins -- covers questions from ‘Is my baby warm enough?’ to ‘When will my baby's hair grow?’, with a Panic Button Checklist works through what could be wrong when all else fails, the Daily Mail reported.

It was created by a graduate from Norland College for nannies, named ‘Nanny M’, who has 15 years of invaluable baby-rearing experience. The app enables new parents to instantly access a large database of parenting advice. ANI

12 Hendrix tracks to be out in 2013
London: Twelve previously unreleased tracks by legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix are to be released on a new album next year.

The late musician’s website said the songs on People, Hell and Angels were recorded in 1968 and 1969, the BBC reported.

It is believed that Hendrix had intended the songs for First Days Of The New Rising Sun, his follow-up to Electric Ladyland, which he was working on when he died. ANI

Dogs learn to link words with objects
London: Dogs learn to link words with the shapes of objects, unlike humans who associate them with their size or texture, says a study.

For example, toddlers who learn what a ball is, and are then presented other objects with similar shapes, sizes or textures, will identify a similarly-shaped object as ball. Earlier studies have shown that dogs can learn to link words with categories of objects. ANI

Anonymous costs PayPal £3.5m
London: Notorious hacktivist group Anonymous cost global e-commerce firm PayPal £3.5 million after a student attacked its website as part of a concerted effort by the cyber hackers.

Christopher Weatherhead , 22, was studying at Northampton University when he allegedly took part in the campaign.

During Weatherhead's trial, the court heard that Anonymous targeted companies who opposed internet piracy but later attacked PayPal after it refused to process WikiLeaks payments. ANI

Finally, card sent 70 yrs ago delivered
Washington: A postcard sent nearly 70 years ago has finally arrived at the former upstate New York home of the couple who sent it.

The postcard was sent on July 4, 1943, from Rockford, Illinois, to sisters Pauline and Theresa Leisenring in Elmira by their parents, Fox News reported.

Their brother, George, was posted at Rockford’s Medical Center Barracks, an army post during World War II.

An excerpt from the postcard reads, “Dear Pauline and Theresa, we arrived safe, had a good trip, but we were good and tired.” ANI

Replication system of flu virus decoded
Washington: Scientists have made a major advance in understanding how flu viruses replicate within infected cells, paving way for development of potent vaccines.

Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) used cutting-edge molecular biology and electron-microscopy techniques to "see" one of influenza's essential protein complexes in unprecedented detail.

"Structural studies in this area had stalled because of the technical obstacles involved, and so this is a welcome advance. The data from this study give us a much clearer picture of the flu virus replication machinery,” said Ian A Wilson, the Hansen Professor of Structural Biology at TSRI and senior author of the report.

The study focused on influenza’s ribonucleoprotein (RNP). RNPs contain the virus's genetic material and the special enzyme that the virus needs to make copies of itself. PTI