Malaysia Airlines staff ‘held hostage’ for 10 hours

  • Agencies, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 27, 2014 02:03 IST

Agitated family members of the missing Malaysia Airline jet reportedly held the airline’s staff hostage inside a Beijing hotel for 10 hours and allegedly assaulted a security officer, reports claimed.

Reports quoted a Malaysian Airlines statement as saying that the two incidents, which occurred late on Thursday and early on Friday, took place when staff members of the airline were trying to brief the families.

About 200 grieving Chinese family members were called to attend a meeting, which was held by 10 Malaysian Airline staff. The families were infuriated to learn that a Malaysian government official did not come to brief them and vented their anger on the airline staff.

The group did not let the airline employees leave the ballroom of a hotel from 3pm on Thursday until almost 2am on Friday local time, the reports said.

Malaysian Airlines said its security supervisor, Kalaichelven Shunmugam, was allegedly kicked in the left knee by an aggressive Chinese family member at the hotel earlier in the week.

The airline said in a statement that its staff tried to stop an aggressive family member who demanded access to the secretariat, when the latter kicked the staff in his left knee.

The situation was finally controlled and Kalaichelven was later taken to the secretariat for first aid assistance, while the staff sustained only light injury, the report added.

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