New Zealand paper recreates 'catcalling experiment'; results will amaze you

  • Osama Salman, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Nov 06, 2014 07:10 IST

After a street harassment video of a woman walking around New York's Manhattan area for over 10 hours became viral, a New Zealand newspaper conducted a similar experiment on the streets of Auckland. And the results surprised everybody.

New Zealand Herald hired model Nicola Simpson to walk around the country's largest city. She walked and walked, and walked some more.

But unlike the New York video experiment which was carried out by anti-harassment organisation Hollaback, where the woman was catcalled, verbally harassed and followed even over 100 times, the hired model in Auckland was not.

Not even once.

She was, however, stopped by two men. The first man asked her if she was Italian and said she looks nice. He sounded European, and later apologized for stopping her. The second man… well, he was just asking for directions.

However, this is not necessarily indicative of all women's experiences there, but is a refreshing change from the New York video.

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