Overworked Greek PM Tsipras 'doesn't eat or sleep', says mother

  • AFP, Athens
  • Updated: Jul 18, 2015 17:20 IST
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (R) attends a parliamentary session in Athens, Greece July 16, 2015. Tsipras battled to win lawmakers' approval on Wednesday for a bailout deal to keep Greece in the euro, while the country's creditors, pressed by the IMF to provide massive debt relief, struggled to agree a financial lifeline. (Reuters)

Embattled Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras eats and sleeps poorly and hardly manages to see his family members, his mother told a tabloid on Saturday.

"Alexis lately does not eat, does not sleep, but he has no choice — he has a debt to the people who put their faith in him," Aristi Tsipras, 73, told Parapolitika weekly.

"I rarely see him anymore. He goes from the airport straight to parliament. He has no time to see his children, how can he see me?" Aristi Tsipras said.

"When we speak, I tell him to do the best for the country and take care of himself. He tells me not to worry, and that everything will be fine," she said.

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The 40-year-old PM last week was forced to accept a painful reform deal from Greece's international creditors to save the country's place in the eurozone.

A few days later, over 30 of his lawmakers mutinied in parliament when the deal came up for a vote, forcing Tsipras to hold a reshuffle late on Friday.

The third rescue plan for Greece has not even been finalised but already the parties at the centre of the deal are raising doubts over its viability.

The key players — Athens, Berlin and the International Monetary Fund — have all voiced criticisms of the conditions that have been sketched out so far.

Their skepticism, which comes from more than just a circle of economists, will have to be addressed if the detailed negotiations to begin soon on Greece's third bailout operation in six years are to be a success.

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