Scotland referendum: Top dailies say ‘No’, but who will Murdoch support?

  • Prasun Sonwalkar, Hindustan Times, London
  • Updated: Sep 15, 2014 03:35 IST

Leading financial and other newspapers have encouraged their readers to vote against independence in the September 18 referendum, but there is much speculation which way the Rupert Murdoch-owned ‘The Scottish Sun’ will go on the contentious issue. believe that Murdoch’s influential tabloid may support Scotland’s independence as a way of getting back at the London establishment that had a go at his media business during the phone-hacking row, bruising him and his commercial interests.

Amidst intense campaigning and close opinion polls, Murdoch, who has Scottish ancestry, arrived and travelled across towns and villages to make up his mind, which will be made explicit through his tabloid a day or two before the referendum. He has met leader of the ‘Yes’ camp, Alex Salmond.

‘The Sun’s political views have been influential in successive general elections in the UK. It has alternately supported Labour or Conservative, and is most known for the gloating headline, ‘It’s The Sun Wot Won It’ after the Conservative party won the 1992 election.

Terming the UK as ‘one of the most successful marriages in history’, the ‘Financial Times’ wrote in an editorial, “It is not too late to remind the Scots and the rest of the UK how much they have benefited from being British. Great Britain stands for an expansive and inclusive view of the world”.

‘The Guardian’ too urged its readers to vote against independence, “In Britain, in Europe and even in the world as a whole, we are indeed better together not better apart. Nationalism is not the answer to social injustice.”

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