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Star Wars temple in Guatemala preparing for end of the world

world Updated: Dec 21, 2012 02:35 IST

At an eighth century temple deep inside the Guatemalan jungle, people who are convinced that the world is about to end are gathering for the end of times.

Dotted with towering limestone structures, Tikal is known as the New York City of Maya ruins, the Telegraph reports.

In recent days guards have been throwing out naked women dancing and chanting around fire pits, and local hotels are fully booked, as doomsday-mongers descend for their final night on Earth.

The area is most familiar to cinema-goers as the moon Yavin 4, the rebel base in “Star Wars”, and has also attracted film fans seeking to witness the apocalypse where “the force is strong,” the report said.

"Something big is going to happen. The Maya were an incredibly precise people," Ricardo Alejos, the president of Guatemala’s Star Wars fan club, said.

December 21 sees the end of the 13th and final baktun in the 5,125-year Maya Long Calendar and, according to some, the world will end at 11.12am GMT, the time of the summer Solstice.

NASA has dismissed all concerns that the world is going to end.

Dr David Morrison, an astrobiologist at the space agency, said scientists would have seen Nibiru, or a comet, by now and they could not be hiding behind the sun. “I have had kids saying they are considering suicide, mothers emailing me saying the6y are considering killing their children before the end of times,” he said.