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UK's most annoying tech jargon: Sexting

world Updated: Oct 21, 2011 16:26 IST

The phrase sexting -- ie, sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages by cell phone -- has topped the list of UK's most annoying technology jargon.

In fact, it came first on a YouGov poll of 2,054 adults in the UK which revealed Britons' least favourite technology lexicon of 2011.

"'Sexting' was the clear winner with 24% of votes cast. The runner-up was 'intexticated', with 13% of the vote -- meaning unable to concentrate while driving due to being distracted by texting," the poll revealed.

"Defriend, with 8%, meaning, to remove someone from one's list of friends on social networking site," the Daily Mail reported.

Britain's Computeractive magazine, which conducted the poll, awarded 'sexting' its "Unspeakable Award" for the worst new piece of technology jargon.

The prize was awarded for the "new, technology-related word most likely to make you wince, grimace or want to bang your head on the keyboard".

The aim, the magazine said, was to promote the use of clear English and battle the technology world's addiction to jargon.

Paul Allen, the editor of Computeractive, said: "There's no arguing that 'intexticated', 'defriend' and 'Twittersphere' are all unspeakable words. But 'sexting' is a worthy winner.

"When you first hear it, you don't know whether to wince, howl or just weep for the English language. Any word voted more horrible than 'intexticated' deserves an award."

Many of the words in the top 10 seem to involve Twitter - possibly due to the large number of different apps users use to access it, which has led to a lot of compound words.