UN says 4 staff members dismissed for sending child pornography

  • AP, United Nations
  • Updated: Oct 31, 2015 16:17 IST
The United Nations report states that four of its members were dismissed for sending and storing child pornography on its official computers. (Photo courtesy: Shutterstock)

Four United Nations staff members were dismissed for sending and storing child pornography on UN computers — and another was dismissed for using a UN vehicle to transport approximately 173 kilograms of marijuana, according to a UN report.

The report on UN disciplinary matters and cases of criminal behaviour, which was published on Friday, covers a year-long period through June 2015, and documents about 60 cases that resulted in disciplinary measures, among the organization’s worldwide staff of about 40,000.

It does not identify any of the staffers or where they worked, nor does it include the over 100,000 UN peacekeepers, who are under the jurisdiction of their home countries.

The report, circulated late last month, states that during the year-long period eight cases involving “credible allegations of criminal conduct by United Nations officials or experts on mission were referred to member states.” It provided no further information and didn’t say whether any of the unidentified countries sought to prosecute the individuals.

The disciplinary cases range from a senior staff member’s demotion for harassing a subordinate to dismissal of a staffer caught trying to steal money from the wallet of another staffer, and termination of the contract of a staffer performing security and screening duties at an airport who took $2,200 from the luggage of a passenger travelling on a UN flight.

The report gave no details on the four staffers sending child pornography. It said a fifth staffer was demoted for storing pornographic material on a computer and failing to report that another UN staffer had sent it through the UN’s email system.

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