US man chooses to wear ‘I am a thief’ sign over going to jail

  • AP, Girard
  • Updated: Mar 25, 2016 12:54 IST
An Ohio man chose to wear a sign with the words “I am a thief” written on it instead of going to jail. (Representative Photo)

An Ohio man chose to wear a sign proclaiming that he is a thief rather than go to jail after stealing a television.

Greg Davenport pleaded no contest this month to a theft charge for stealing from a Walmart in December.

A judge gave Davenport, 44, the sentencing option of 30 days in jail or wearing a sign saying, “I am a thief. I stole from Walmart.”

Davenport has to wear the sign in front of the store eight hours a day for 10 days of his choosing.

Police chief Richard Tisone said he hopes the sign embarrasses Davenport enough to prevent him from committing the same crime again.

Davenport said the sign is better than being in jail, and he just wants to finish his punishment. He said he isn’t embarrassed by it.

“I stole, I got punished. That’s it,” he said.

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