Video: Young siblings chase away kidnapper in US, save toddler

  • AP, Spokane (Prague)
  • Updated: Mar 11, 2015 15:13 IST

A toddler had a miraculous escape after the boy's two young siblings screamed and chased a kidnapper.

A sheriff says he doesn't think a man -- -- caught on surveillance video running down a sidewalk with the baby in his arms -- is a resident of the tiny town of Sprague.

The dramatic scene ended after two teenagers also chased the man and he set the boy down and ran off, authorities said. The 22-month-old wasn't hurt, Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers said Tuesday.

Watch: Girl chases kidnapper, helps rescue 22-month-old baby

"We don't believe him to be a local at this point," Magers said of the man. "We'd recognize him if he was local." Authorities have no leads, the sheriff said.

Sprague is a wheat-farming town of about 500 people 40 mile (65 kilometers) southwest of Spokane.

The boy's father, Michael Wright, said he was horrified by the incident.

"I can't explain the feeling, the anxiety and everything" that comes with getting a phone call like the one that told him someone had tried to kidnap his son, Wright told KXLY-TV of Spokane.

Wright left his three children with a baby sitter Sunday while he went to work. The children - Brenden, 10, Delicia, 8, and the boy - were playing unsupervised in a city park near the sitter's house, he told the television station.

Sheriff's deputies said a man talked with the children for a few minutes, then scooped the toddler out of his stroller and ran down the street. Surveillance video from a grocery store showed the kidnapper running, child in arms, with Delicia chasing and Brenden not far behind.

Delicia's screams alerted Dorothy Giddings, who was working at her antique store downtown.

"I said there is something wrong," Giddings recalled Tuesday.

"Then this man busts out and runs across the street and he's got a baby and a little girl right behind him screaming," Giddings said. "The girl said, 'That man got my baby brother! That man got my baby brother!'"

Giddings said she realized what was happening and sent her grandson Andrew Crane, 15, and his friend Isaac Yow, 16, to chase the man.

As the older boys approached, the kidnapper put the child down in a vacant lot and fled, the sheriff's office said.

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