We take euro deposits, Greek bank pleads as customers withdraw cash

  • AFP, Athens
  • Updated: Jul 02, 2015 18:53 IST

Capital controls are prompting worried Greeks to withdraw as much cash as possible but, in an ironic counter-point, the country's National Bank declared Thursday its ATMs still accepted euro deposits.

Its statement, which looked futile given the lines of people eager to get money from cash machines, pointed to concerns that the supply of banknotes was quickly diminishing.

The National Bank of Greece said it wanted to "inform individuals and companies that during the short-term bank holidays" declared all this week by the government to stem the bank run, it "accepts cash deposits".

Anybody who wanted to put cash into their accounts could do so at 289 branches opened only for this purpose and for withdrawals by pensioners without ATM cards who are limited to 120 euros for the week.

Hundreds of the banks ATMs would also accept direct cash deposits, it said.

Greece's capital controls are limiting bank customers to withdrawals of 60 euros ($67) per day at ATMs following the breakdown of negotiations with international creditors and ahead of a Sunday referendum seen as possibly make-or-break for the country's finances.

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