Youtuber, beer o'clock, Grexit join Oxford online dictionary

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  • Updated: Aug 27, 2015 21:42 IST

Are you a Youtuber? Have you encountered manspreading in your daily metro rides?

Is it beer o'clock already?

All three slang words officially joined on Thursday in a quarterly update of popular phrases that also included Grexit (a potential Greek exit from the Eurozone) and brainfart (a momentary mental lapse).

Manspreading was coined to describe men who take up extra room on public transport by sitting with their legs wide apart while YouTuber refers to a frequent user of the YouTube website.

The free online dictionary by the creators of the esteemed Oxford English Dictionary also added the adjective awesomesauce, to describe something particularly excellent, and manic pixie dream girl, which comes from the movie world to describe a quirky appealing female character.

Other new terms included:

Wine o'clock and beer o'clock - the appropriate time of day to start drinking

Fangirl - a fervent female comic book fan

Ragequit - angrily abandoning a video game.

Hangry - a bad mood brought on by hunger

Butt-dialing - inadvertently calling someone on a cell phone placed in a rear pocket

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