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Team India’s winning streak brings out nation's naysayers

WorldCup2015 Updated: Mar 18, 2015 17:25 IST
Ipsit Mohapatra
Ipsit Mohapatra
Hindustan Times
Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Are there Indians who are unhappy that the Men in Blue won six matches out of six in the pool stage of World Cup 2015 and are looking as good as any other team to lift the trophy?

During the course of the event, I have spotted some outstanding theories from people — both in the mainstream media and on social media — that suggest Team India being in a happy place is not for them.

Here is recounting a few of the theories, from fellow Indians, which provoked this write-up.

Expert theory 1:

India should not win because it will make Dhoni larger than the game.

Boss, fair enough if Indian skipper MS Dhoni is not your favourite. Also okay if you don’t like it that he captains the super successful IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings and your heart beats for somebody else. But, this psychobabble with the cloak of being a “lover of the game” is baffling.

Expert theory 2:

Indians suffering from too much nationalism right now, and a World Cup win will reinforce it (Reason for not wanting India to win).

Chief, I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it because free speech is as much for you as for me and everybody else. Enough said.

Expert theory 3:

Dhoni is not greater than the game… For me cricket is beyond nationality. It doesn’t matter whether it comes from Ireland or South Africa or India.

Sir, can we close ranks, please. And, I am no Dhoni fanboy.

Expert theory 4:

I am a cricket fan, but don’t care if India win… The team is the BCCI’s, not India’s

Heard this one before. Antipathy towards Indian cricket’s ‘controlling’ board does not necessarily mean the players represent it. Technicalities and banalities aside, the players play for the country and not a board.

Yes, there is surge of nationalism associated with cricket. It never is any other way. But please, don’t look to cricket to provide the answers to problems whose causes are as vast as the number of surnames in India.

What’s the harm in rallying behind your team, which has flowered unlike never before Down Under and in Kiwi land?

There is much to like about the team. Dhoni has become a father for the first time, but is yet to hold his baby because he is on “national duty” and “everything else can wait” (his words, not mine). If this smacks of nationalism, so be it.

A parting shot. Dhoni’s keeping gloves, as usual, have the military touch. If you want to read military expansionism into that, feel free.

I hope Team India goes all the way and defends the crown. I can live with a few unhappy and articulate Indians.

(Ipsit Mohapatra is an Associate Editor with Hindustan Times. Views expressed by the writer are personal)