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Want to know what your workstation reveals about your personality?

Whether you are a cleanliness freak or an art lover, the state of your workspace reveals a lot about your personality.

art and culture Updated: Apr 04, 2017 07:27 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
Hindustan Times
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So, what’s your workstation personality?

Navigating through office space is a fascinating sight, especially when you get to look at varied office desks. Each workstation is unique, reflecting an employee’s individuality. A number of studies suggest that the state of your desk space impacts the way you work and also provides insight to your personality.

Here is a guide indicating various types of workstations you are likely to encounter at your workplace and what they reveal about you.

1)The ghost

This worker is a ghost. Their motto is ‘less is more’. Their workstation is bare minimum. They don’t care for personalising their workstation but that doesn’t mean that their workstation is dirty. In fact, it’s bit too neat. “The ghost’s philosophy is to get the job done with bare essentials. They are target oriented. This also indicates that they don’t stick around for long,” says Shivani Misri Sadhoo, psychologist.

2)The artsy types

These people think that they are Leonardo Da Vinci. They turn their workstation into an art project. From books, mementoes to photos, paintings, their workstation is like a café. “Their philosophy is to personalise everything. They are creative and open minded. However, this trait in them, at times, make it difficult for them to be a team player and objective” states Dr Anil Sethi, psychologist

3)The chaos master

These guys have the most cluttered workstation in the office. Their workstation is like a stationary shop or an employee-hangout zone. From paper stacks laying around to stains of coffee mugs, the chaos master doesn’t care about cleanliness. “Their ideology is to get the job done no matter what. These guys get along with everyone in the office. However, they can also to be careless and require a tough taskmaster,” states Sadhoo.

4)The sneaky guys

It’s hard to locate these guys. They strategically choose their workstation away from all the hustle-bustle of the office. They sneak in and sneak out of the office, without anyone noticing. Their workstation is often super organised. “They prefer minimum interaction with colleagues and hate distraction. But, they tend to panic easily in high pressure situations,” says Dr Sethi.

5)The conqueror

These guys aren’t concerned with their workspace, but are more focused on conquering your workspace. They expand their territory by placing coffee mugs to books in your workspace, increasing their area. “They are aggressive, defensive, competitive. They crave for attention and are insecure. If people disagree with their idea, they jump into fights,” suggests Sadhoo.

First Published: Apr 03, 2017 19:42 IST