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Words that made 2017: This year was lit with new words that made their way to the urban dictionary

Stay woke and get a low-down on slangs that trended this year. From awesome sauce, baller to a crapella, blamestorming — take your pick for the word of the year.

art and culture Updated: Dec 29, 2017 15:36 IST
Abhinav Verma
Here’s a list of words that made us go damn son!
Here’s a list of words that made us go damn son!

The Internet is a crazy place, every year it gives birth to new terms and slangs that make their way into our lexicon. And this year was no different as we were bombarded with new urban words. However, with all these new slangs coming up, it’s hard to choose which slang caught our eye. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of slangs that made us go damn son! So read on.


It means doing something really cool, amazing or gutsy and not caring about the consequences. Example: Virat Kohli’s batting is savage.

A crapella

Someone who sings really badly with headphones on and has no idea how bad he/she is. Example: Somebody shut him /her up. His/her a crapella version of Hotline bling is just painful.

Awesome sauce

Something that is even more awesome than awesome like someone topped awesome with awesome sauce. Example: Oh my god! Messi’s goal was totally awesome sauce.


Someone who made it big despite starting from nothing. It can also mean someone who is really good at what they do. Example: Samarth is a total baller at his job.


The art of successfully identifying someone to blame rather than look for solutions. It’s usually used in workplaces. Example: During the blamestorming session at the meeting, team members identified Raju as the scapegoat.


A close gathering of men who get together for the sole purpose of getting intoxicated. Example: Bro, bropocalypse for Aditya’s wedding at 8pm at Ahuja’s house.


Using the Internet at work for personal purposes. Example: Akshay is a master cyberslacker.


Tweeting while intoxicated. Example: Our friend Raghav likes to dweet his frustrations.


Someone who eavesdrops, it can also be someone who forces people to listen to bad music, thinking that it’s good. Example: Priya likes to earjack conversations between Soniya and Rahul. I don’t appreciate Rahul earjacking me all the time with bad music.


Curiously Googling yourself to find out what results you get. Example: After an hour of ego-surfing, I am hungry for a Burrito.


A fake apology where a person tries to argue and shift the blame on someone else for their mistake. Example: This guy has mastered the art of fauxpology.


Getting angry because of intense hunger. Example: The hulk is hangry.


An individual who responds to hearing someone else’s awesome fake story by telling their own fake story, which is even better. Example: Shivam’s one-uppers are always hilarious.

Party foul

An inappropriate action at a party. Example: That guy just farted in front of everyone, it’s a party foul.


To beat someone badly at a game. Example: I pwned Goel at playing Fifa.


Means being aware about your surroundings. Example: You are in the newspaper business. You gotta stay woke man.