Mercury Retrogression in Taurus on May 10: Impact on different zodiac signs

Updated on May 10, 2022 10:36 AM IST

Mercury, the planet of communication, will retrograde in Taurus at 5:16 pm on May 10, 2022.Let's look at what different zodiac signs need to bear in mind during this retrogression.

Let's look at what different zodiac signs need to bear in mind during this retrogression.(shutterstock)
Let's look at what different zodiac signs need to bear in mind during this retrogression.(shutterstock)

Mercury, the planet of communication, will retrograde in Taurus at 5:16 pm on May 10, 2022. On June 3, it will become progressive. It will have an impact on all zodiac signs' lives throughout the course of the next 24 days. In the field of astrology, Mercury plays a significant role. It is the only planet that serves as a conduit for communication and commerce. It also represents the education sector as well as technical advancements. When Mercury goes retrograde, it has an effect on how people communicate. The words and speech used to communicate with one another must be carefully monitored. Mercury also symbolises stocks and shares, therefore its retrograde motion may have an influence on money, particularly if engaging with speculative markets. Let's look at what different zodiac signs need to bear in mind during this retrogression.

Aries: You may experience some discrepancies and misunderstanding with your younger siblings. Your finances will be unstable and you may experience abrupt loss hence avoid putting money anyplace. Those in job may experience various issues with their subordinates and colleagues. Those working in the financial industry will observe additional influx of revenue.

Taurus: It will offer you financial prosperity, and you may be able to profit from your previous investments. This will provide amazing outcomes for students, particularly those who want to pursue further education. Because of their great analytical abilities, they will be able to pass any exam. A pending family decision will be made, and fresh beginnings will be possible.

Gemini: Guard against nervous system and skin-related health concerns. You may also have difficulty sleeping due to a restless thinking. You may incur expenses for the repair and refurbishment of electrical devices and equipment. Make leisure travel arrangements. There may be misconceptions in your conversation with friends if you do not exercise caution.

Cancer: Dormant business projects will be reactivated and begin generating profits. Seeking the advice of friends is beneficial. It is a terrific moment to make smart stock and share investments. Consider establishing or reviving connections with your professional network and clientele. Existing disagreements with your siblings will be settled.

Leo: A profitable career opportunity or potential is likely to present itself. Don't be in a hurry to accept it; instead, negotiate your position and compensation to meet your goals. Those in the corporate world may strike new agreements. However, they must be cautious when signing new contracts and do sufficient due diligence. You may consider purchasing a new vehicle.

Virgo: Consider your connection with seniors carefully. Fighting needlessly might be detrimental to your reputation. Those anticipating a job offer will get positive news. Your relationship with your father will be positive, and his counsel will aid you in making crucial choices. There may be unanticipated trip plans. Seek to increase your knowledge and use it to address everyday challenges.

Libra: Protect your cash and property from unanticipated losses. This is also not a favourable moment for stock market investments. Your health may be weak, and you may be prone to seasonal illnesses, allergic reactions, and immunological problems. Those who work in the area of research and analytics will achieve great professional success. The health of your father may be cause for worry.

Scorpio: Those in business may form new partnerships and alliances. Maintain transparency in your personal and professional relationships; else, turmoil and uncertainty may ensue. Those who are unmarried will get some good news, as fresh proposals will arrive. Investing money might lead to dubious transactions. Avoid lending money else you will not be able to reclaim it.

Sagittarius: Your partner may have health problems, so be proactive and provide enough monitoring. Stomach and digestion-related illnesses may be detrimental to your health. Professionals might be informed of their promotion and assigned to a new position. Those in business will be able to gain new customers, and their revenues will skyrocket.

Capricorn: This is a favourable period for students, as their focus and capacity for analysis will increase. They will be able to attain their academic objectives. Some of you may anticipate wonderful news about children. Professionals should seek to improve their skills to advance their careers. Prudent stock investing may result in profits. Watch out for water-borne diseases.

Aquarius: You might get your home repaired or have your belongings reorganised at your residence. If you want to invest in land and property, now is a good moment to do it. Additionally, the purchase of a new car is possible. Those who reside away from their families have excellent chances of returning. Take careful care of your mother's health if she has had chronic illnesses.

Pisces: Plan a journey with your family or friends. It will revitalise you and inspire new thoughts. Relationships may be tumultuous if you are unable to express yourself openly. Those employed in the technology industry may anticipate a period of expansion. Government people will be entitled for a transfer to a new location. Reconcile with younger siblings and handle conflicts calmly.


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