Horoscope 2022: Check what the stars predict for all sun signs

Published on Dec 31, 2021 06:46 PM IST

The year 2022 is poised to bring radical changes in our lives. Some major planetary transits will be happening in 2022 which will cast its combined influence on all of us.

Horoscope 2022: See how these planetary movements will impact different zodiac signs.
Horoscope 2022: See how these planetary movements will impact different zodiac signs.
ByNeeraj Dhankher

The year 2022 is poised to bring radical changes in our lives. Some major planetary transits will be happening in 2022 which will cast its combined influence on all of us. On March 17, Rahu – which rules our materialistic success and desires – will move from Taurus to Aries sign, while Ketu – which governs our spiritual life – will shift from Scorpio to Libra. Then, on April 13, Jupiter – the planet of our knowledge and morality - will transit to its own sign, Pisces. Saturn, the planet of karma, time and efforts, will move to its own sign, Aquarius, on April 29, but will come back again to Capricorn on July 12. Let us see how these planetary movements will impact different zodiac signs. 

Aries: New possibilities and opportunities will mark the beginning of a new stage in life. Some of you will take important decisions about your future; will become wiser and will look at things from a fresh perspective. There will be a surge of passion, courage and a new found ambition. There will be opportunities in your career to travel abroad. Those of you who are single can get married. 

Taurus: This year will bring amazing opportunities for you with multiple sources of income. Your personal life will be filled with joy and happiness. Good relations with family members will be maintained. Those of you involved in any legal matters will be victorious. Married life will be passionate and harmonious. Some of you can get new job opportunities in a different city. 

Gemini: If you want things to happen, you should focus on what is achievable and what is fair. Do not ask too much and set limits. This year you are going to meet a lot of new people. You will have some sudden financial gains. You will get luck and success in business and in any kind of partnership work. Income from multiple sources is indicated. You will receive support from family. 

Cancer: Rethinking your behaviour and habits will be the key for you this year. Working professionals need to be careful as they may have to face issues at workplace. You will get opportunities to switch job or change your profile. There could be some health issues which can impact your peace of mind. You can plan to buy a house or make renovations in the existing space. 

Leo: You will witness substantial growth in your finances. You can earn from unexpected sources. Your spiritual inclination will increase and you may have a quest to search for a true Guru. You will be involved in organising family events. You will benefit from the advice and decisions of your partner. Those who had been searching for their perfect match will get lucky. 

Virgo: This year is going to be rather hectic as you will be required to undertake multiple tasks. Your intuition will grow stronger and you will be able to judge people and situations around you thoroughly. You can have some unproductive expenditure which can impact your savings. You may witness some difference of opinion with your family members, especially your mother. 

Libra: You need to pay attention to details to maintain balance in life. At times, you can feel a bit lost and may find yourself in a reflective zone. You will constantly make innovative plans and try to execute them. If you are planning to launch your own business venture, then this is a favourable time. You can plan to construct your house or purchase property. Those who are single can tie the knot. 

Scorpio: You will go through many sudden changes this year. Those who are working will excel in their job. Besides, you will receive excellent financial rewards. Your relationship with your children will improve and they will make you proud. Those in business can face some stagnancy. If you are suffering from any illness, then you will recover. There can be some unproductive travel plans. 

Sagittarius: If you're cautious and pragmatic, then you can achieve your goals and targets this year. The intensity of love and passion in the relationship will increase. Those who are single have bright prospects of getting committed. You are advised not to invest money in speculative business else you may land up in losses. Those who stay at a distance will visit their family frequently. 

Capricorn: This year you will may make new friends and increase your network by making influential contacts. There will be peace and happiness in the family and an atmosphere of joy will prevail. You will lavishly spend on buying luxurious items for your home. You will try to gain command at the professional front and can be a bit harsh in your dealings with your co-workers. 

Aquarius: You will face new challenges, but you will be able to go through them easily with your hard work and diligence. Your relations with family and relatives will be favourable. You can plan to go on a long trip. Your confidence and willpower will increase. You will be dynamic and will try to incorporate new ideas and strategies into your business. There are possibilities of a change in job. 

Pisces: This year there will be progress in your job and business. You will remain positive in various matters, and will share an excellent relationship with your family and relatives. Your expenses would be high on family needs, and you will inspire your children to move ahead in their lives. People around you will look up to you for guidance and advice. 


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