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COVID-19 means disruption, change for new set of 'boomerang kids'

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many young people to move back in with their parents. Their lives have been turned upside down, and they've had to come to grips with feelings of failure and guilt.

Being forced to move back home can lead to depression for some young people(Jens Kalaene/picture alliance/dpa)
Published on Nov 07, 2021 05:31 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Taiwan says 16 Chinese warplanes enter air defense zone

It is one of the largest Chinese incursions into Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) since early October, coming right after an EU delegation visited Taipei to work on building ties.

The number of aircraft sent into the ADIZ is one of the largest since early October. (Yang Pan/Xinhua/picture alliance)
Published on Nov 07, 2021 01:44 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

ABBA: ‘Voyage' release marks first album in 40 years

Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid split up in 1982 and, for years, vowed they would not make music together again. The comeback includes a new concert tour, featuring digital avatars of the four band members.

The four members of ABBA had to wear special suits to help create their digital avatars(picture alliance/dpa/PA media)
Published on Nov 05, 2021 02:06 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Covid: India opens for international travel - what happens next?

India has opened up for travellers and will allow commercial flights from November. While the travel industry is expecting a surge in visitors, medical experts fear a surge of a different kind.

Covid: India opens for international travel - what happens next?(Xinhua/picture alliance)
Published on Nov 03, 2021 04:52 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle, Delhi

Germany to return Mayan ancient artifacts to Guatemala and Mexico

The historic objects were discovered last year in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The owner says he bought them at a flea market in Leipzig in 2003 not knowing where they came from.

Germany to return Mayan ancient artifacts to Guatemala and Mexico(Ronny Hartmann/dpa/picture alliance)
Published on Nov 02, 2021 02:23 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle, Delhi

COP26: World leaders back deal to end deforestation by 2030

More than 100 world leaders, including Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro, are supporting the agreement at the climate summit. Activists say it greenlights "another decade of deforestation."

UK prime minister Boris Johnson's office made the announcement on behalf of the leaders. (Alberto Pezzali/picture alliance/AP)
Updated on Nov 02, 2021 11:40 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

COVID is going to become more manageable: BioNTech founders

Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin, founders of German company BioNTech, have been honored several times for developing the first COVID-19 vaccine. They spoke with DW about the future of the virus and vaccines.

Özlem Türeci (right) and Ugur Sahin have received several awards for their pioneering vaccine development(Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa/picture alliance)
Published on Nov 01, 2021 01:57 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Japan votes in national election as PM seeks public mandate

Japan is holding a parliamentary election, which is the first big test for the new prime minister. A poor showing for the ruling party could threaten a return to the country's history of the revolving-door premiership.

Japan election: Voters in Tokyo have said the coronavirus crisis was an important factor in their decision. (Eugene Hoshiko / AP)
Published on Oct 31, 2021 12:52 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Fact check: Can COVID-19 vaccines lead to long-term health problems?

Many people often remain hesitant about getting COVID-19 vaccines because they fear possible long-term health complications from the shots. But can there be such complications? Here’s a fact check.

Doctors and immunologists largely rule out long-term health complications linked to COVID-19 vaccines(Stefan Puchner/dpa/picture alliance)
Updated on Oct 30, 2021 04:32 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle, Delhi

Donovanosis: 'Flesh-eating' STI has doctors worried

A rare sexually transmitted infection called donovanosis, which causes ulcers and damaging scarring of the genitals, is getting attention after doctors say cases are rising in the United Kingdom.

Donovanosis is caused by the bacterium klebsiella granulomatis(Alissa Eckert/Science Photo Library/imago images)
Published on Oct 30, 2021 12:20 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

US allies fret Biden may change nuclear policy, adopt ‘no first use’ approach

US allies hope US President Joe Biden will clarify his views on US nuclear policy at the G20 summit. There is concern the US could adopt a “no first use” policy, eliminating allies' nuclear umbrella.

The Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota is tasked with maintaining 150 of the nuclear-tipped missiles and keeping them ready to launch at a moment's notice as part of the US's nuclear defense strategy. (C. Riedel / AP PHOTO)
Published on Oct 30, 2021 10:20 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Rubber gloves rub off on fast food, study finds

Traces of toxic chemicals from vinyl gloves have been found in fast food in the US. Researchers say marginalized groups are at higher risk than others.

Kids love fast food — adults do, too — but toxic chemicals may be getting into burgers via vinyl gloves used in food preparation(picture alliance / Bildagentur-online/Blend Images)
Published on Oct 29, 2021 08:16 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Kashmir: Artisans fight for survival amid dying art of pottery

Waning demand and the impacts of the COVID pandemic have pushed Kashmir pottery to the brink of extinction. But some artisan families are continuing the craft in exchange for rice just to survive.

If he couldn't barter his goods for food, 70-year-old Muhammad Jamal Kumhar says his family would starve(Samaan Lateef/DW)
Published on Oct 28, 2021 08:18 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Post-Covid tourism surges in Madrid

Travellers looking for culture and nightlife have returned to Madrid, one of Europe's most visited cities. But the economic impact of the pandemic has some locals questioning the country's dependence on tourism revenue.

Post-Covid tourism surges in Madrid(Leah Carter/DW)
Published on Oct 27, 2021 03:37 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle, Delhi

Why is Erdogan backpedaling in diplomatic row?

Turkey's president has adopted a more moderate tone in his recent diplomatic spat with Western ambassadors. The expulsion of 10 envoys now no longer seems likely.

Turkish president Erdogan has often used international diplomatic spats to score political points at home (Vladimir Smirnov / REUTERS)
Updated on Oct 27, 2021 12:38 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

What are the Covid entry rules for travellers to European countries?

Many countries have eased restrictions on everyday life, making tourism possible again this autumn. DW Travel offers a brief recap of what rules apply in the EU.

What are the Covid entry rules for travellers to European countries?(Maja Hitij/Getty/Images)
Published on Oct 26, 2021 08:35 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle, Delhi

Covid vaccines for kids are coming

Kids under 12 years generally can't get a Covid vaccine. US authorities will rule on emergency approval for the BioNTech-Pfizer jab for 5 to 11-year-olds.

The pros and cons of vaccinating children under 12 years are still being debated(Ying Tang/NurPhoto/imago images)
Published on Oct 25, 2021 08:37 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

SOS Venice: Can turnstiles save the sinking city?

As visitor numbers to Venice continue to pick up, the local population keeps declining. Venice is still struggling to get on top of its over-tourism problem.

SOS Venice: Can turnstiles save the sinking city?(Teressa O' Connel/DW)
Published on Oct 24, 2021 03:30 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle, Delhi

Trans author Vivek Shraya on what she loves about being Queer

Canadian author and artist Vivek Shraya speaks to DW about coming out as a trans woman and why there are no straight answers to the Queer question.

Trans author Vivek Shraya on what she loves about being Queer(Vanessa Heins, 2020)
Published on Oct 23, 2021 12:35 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle, Delhi

Deaths in Poland as Storm 'Aurore' wreaks havoc across Europe

Four people have died in Poland while rail disruption in Germany, power outages in France and injuries in the Netherlands, were reported. Weather services have warned of further storms.

In the German city of Cologne, citizens were told to watch out for falling rock.(Ying Tang/NurPhoto/picture alliance)
Published on Oct 22, 2021 12:02 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Canada spotlights diversity at the Frankfurt Book Fair

As the guest of honor at the world's largest book fair, Canada is showcasing its multicultural literature. Was is driving diversity in its book industry?

Shortlisted for the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2018, Kim Thuy's books have been translated in 29 languages(Jean-François Briere)
Published on Oct 20, 2021 04:59 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Novelist Antje Rávik Strubel wins German Book Prize

'Blaue Frau' is a timely novel about Europe, women and men — and about the power of the past in East and West.

German author Antje Rávik Strubel(Philipp von der Heydt)
Published on Oct 19, 2021 04:18 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Barcelona has high hopes for the return of mass tourism

The consequences of months without tourists are painfully obvious across Barcelona: A number of stores have even gone out of business on one of the city's most important tourist streets.

Barcelona has high hopes for the return of mass tourism(Jonas Martiny/DW)
Published on Oct 18, 2021 08:36 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Fact check: Double-vaccinated breakthrough COVID infections

Some people are getting sick with COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated. Do these breakthrough infections mean the vaccines aren't working?

The degree of protection people acquire from the COVID vaccine will decline over time(Wytrazek/Zoonar/picture alliance)
Published on Oct 17, 2021 09:33 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

COVID: Pandemic anxiety on the rise in India

Mental health experts stress that it's important to tackle the problem immediately to prevent it from turning into a major health and social crisis.

In India, depressive and anxiety disorders both saw an increase of 35%, said a recent Lancet study(Pixabay)
Published on Oct 16, 2021 09:30 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

'Havana syndrome' in US embassies: What do we know?

At least five families connected to the US embassy in Colombia are said to have experienced symptoms of the mysterious syndrome. 

Nausea, headaches and loss of orientation are typical symptoms of the mysterious syndrome.(picture-alliance/dpa/O. Killig)
Published on Oct 14, 2021 10:45 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Japan dissolves parliament, paves way for election

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is seeking a mandate for his policies in the October 31 parliamentary election.

Fumio Kishida will lead the Liberal Democratic Party, along with its coalition partner the Komeito party into the election. (Masanori Genko / Yomiuri Shimbun via AP)
Published on Oct 14, 2021 12:36 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

US warns of 'other options' on Iran if diplomacy fails

Top US diplomat Anthony Blinken has hinted that Iran could face force if talks fail to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal.

Blinken (front l.) and Lapid (front r.) discussed 'other options' than diplomacy for bringing Iran back to the 2015 nuclear deal. (Andrew Harnik/AP Pool/dpa/picture alliance)
Published on Oct 14, 2021 11:26 AM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

‘Pacemaker for the brain’ relieves woman’s severe depression

Sarah is the first documented depression patient to receive personalized deep brain stimulation. The results are promising.

‘Pacemaker for the brain’ relieves woman’s severe depression(Maurice Ramirez/UCSF 2021)
Published on Oct 13, 2021 04:46 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle

Superman's bisexuality 'not a gimmick,' writer says

Jon Kent, the son of original Superman Clark Kent and journalist Lois Lane, kisses reporter Jay Nakamura in an upcoming issue of the comic book "Superman: Son of Kal-El." This has garnered some attention.

Superman's bisexuality 'not a gimmick,' writer says(Brian Cahn/ZUMA/picture alliance)
Published on Oct 12, 2021 04:57 PM IST
ByDeutsche Welle, Delhi
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