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Pharrell Williams named head of menswear at Louis Vuitton

The music superstar noted for his front row fashion show appearances over the years will assume the menswear mantel.

Pharrell Williams arrives for the 65th Annual Grammy Awards earlier this month (ROBYN BECK/AFP )
Published on Feb 15, 2023 10:50 AM IST
By | Posted by Tapatrisha Das

Can you be addicted to porn?

Psychology doesn't officially acknowledge the existence of porn addiction, but many people say they suffer from it. Is it real?

Research is split on whether compulsive porn consumption can be considered an addiction (Grazvydas Januska/Zoonar/picture alliance)
Published on Feb 14, 2023 05:30 PM IST

Slow flowers: Climate-friendly Valentine's Day blooms

Where's the romance in sending a bouquet of pesticide-laden flowers flown halfway across the world on Valentine's Day? Say "I love you and the planet" with seasonal, sustainable, slow flowers instead.

Cut flowers are often full of pesticides and have a big carbon footprint, say
Published on Feb 14, 2023 05:10 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

International Condom Day: A brief history of rubbers

Condoms are pretty great, preventing both diseases and unwanted pregnancies. They were first used in 3000 BC. Ancient Egyptians color-coded theirs while the Romans supposedly made them from the muscles of fallen enemies.

Find out everything you always wanted to know about condoms!(Oleksandr Latkun/Zoonar/picture alliance)
Published on Feb 13, 2023 02:42 PM IST

Notre Dame windows undergo restoration in Cologne

In April 2019, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burst into flames. Today, experts from Cologne Cathedral in Germany are helping restore damaged church windows. Time is short as France hopes to reopen Notre Dame next year.

A detail of one of the windows being restored in Cologne. (Oliver Berg/dpa/picture alliance)
Published on Feb 12, 2023 11:46 AM IST
By, Delhi

Niki de Saint Phalle's 'Nanas': Celebrating the 'everywoman'

The artist's vividly painted and voluptuous sculptures of women are only part of a trailblazing oeuvre ahead of its time, writes DW's Brenda Haas.

The power of women and the matriarchy underscores much of Niki de Saint Phalle's works. (2023 Niki Charitable Art Foundation/Adagp, Paris)
Published on Feb 11, 2023 04:12 PM IST
By, Delhi

South Korea lifts visa restrictions on Chinese travellers

Seoul's decision to end visa restrictions on Chinese travellers comes after lengthy COVID related tensions between the countries.

South Korea to resume issuing short-term visas to Chinese travellers. (Reuters)
Published on Feb 10, 2023 04:42 PM IST
By, Delhi

US composer Burt Bacharach dies aged 94

The composer behind hits such as "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My head" has passed away at his LA home.

Burt Bacharach has died (Tim Wimborne/REUTERS )
Published on Feb 10, 2023 02:13 PM IST

South Korea struggles to serve up national dish 'kimchi'

Imports of the nation's spicy "soul food" have soared more than 20% because it is cheaper to manufacture in bulk abroad, while the country has also seen shortages of the basic ingredients of the dish.

Traditionally, women would gather to prepare the ingredients and start the natural fermentation process (ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP)
Published on Feb 07, 2023 02:09 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

Multilingualism: An enrichment for children's lives

There are more and more children growing up in multilingual environments. Experts say speaking two or more languages helps widen a child's horizons and that there is no one perfect strategy for multilingual education.

Children can benefit greatly from growing up in a multilingual environment. (Unsplash)
Published on Feb 06, 2023 03:29 PM IST
By, Delhi

Diagnosed with cancer? Psycho-oncology can help

Each year, millions of people across the globe receive a cancer diagnosis. For many, this news is scary. Two patients from Germany talk about how psycho-oncology helped them cope.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a shock for most people(Spectral/Westend61/IMAGO)
Published on Feb 03, 2023 05:04 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

Chinese tourists slow to return to Europe

Europe's vacation destinations are hoping for the return of tourists from China following years of pandemic disruption. Expectations for this segment of the tourism market are high, despite few bookings.

Tourists taking photos at the Berlin Wall(Wolfram Steinberg/dpa/picture alliance)
Published on Feb 03, 2023 03:07 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

India: How Goa succeeded in eliminating rabies

Goa has become the first state in India to eliminate rabies in humans, with no cases since 2018. DW examines what Goa has done right and whether its program could be rolled out across India.

Goa's success shows that country-wide elimination of rabies in humans is possible(Catherine Davison/DW)
Published on Feb 02, 2023 06:09 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

HIV treatment still undermined by stigma

Drugs have been developed against HIV but stigma is still high and, in some areas of the world, it is hindering prevention strategies.

Those with HIV have a compromised immunity which makes them even more susceptible to TB. (HT FILE PHOTO)
Updated on Feb 02, 2023 02:33 PM IST
By, Delhi

AI and art — are creators about to become redundant?

Can robots make art? Will ChatGPT replace authors? Is artificial intelligence creative? One thing is certain: AI is set to revolutionize the art world, even if authorship issues remain unresolved.

The robot Ai-Da's self portraits(David Parry/PA/empics/picture alliance)
Published on Feb 01, 2023 06:32 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

How has Brexit affected Britain's tourist sector?

Britain left the European Union on January 31, 2020. This major U-turn has had an impact in many areas, including tourism. Here's how Britain's tourism industry has fared and what Europeans traveling there need to know.

How has Brexit affected Britain's tourist sector?(Representative image/ AP)
Published on Jan 31, 2023 04:30 PM IST
By, Delhi

China resumes granting visas for Japanese nationals

Japanese citizens will once again be able to get Chinese visas, Beijing said, reversing a previous ban over COVID testing China had slammed as "discriminatory."

China resumes granting visas for Japanese nationals. (Kazushi Kurihara/Kyodo News/AP/picture alliance)
Published on Jan 30, 2023 01:21 PM IST
By | Posted by Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

Bringing Holocaust remembrance to TikTok

How Holocaust survivors and concentration camp memorial sites are reaching young users on TikTok in 30 seconds.

Survivors, concentration camp memorial staff and volunteers are taking to TikTok to raise awareness about the Holocaust (Johanna Rüdiger/DW )
Published on Jan 27, 2023 09:28 AM IST
By | Posted by Tapatrisha Das

Paris Fashion Week: What everybody is talking about

Get the low-down on Schiaparelli's lion heads, Doja Cat's trypophobia-triggering look or Dior's tribute to Josephine Baker.

An oversized brooch? Kylie Jenner's outfit sparked much chatter online(Michel Euler/AP Photo/picture alliance)
Published on Jan 25, 2023 06:25 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

How the myth of whiteness in classical sculpture was created

The myth that the statues of ancient Greece and Rome were white was created over time and upheld in part to serve racist ideological purposes. But recent exhibitions have shed new light on the colorful ancient world.

The exhibition 'Gods in Color' has been touring the world with painted replica statues since 2003(Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung/Norbert Miguletz)
Published on Jan 24, 2023 06:37 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

Naatu Naatu, Gangnam Style, Macarena: Hits transcending language

Be it in Telugu, Korean or Spanish, some viral dance hits have won a global fanbase with their catchy tunes and nifty steps reenacted on YouTube and TikTok.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's official residence, Mariinsky Palace, served as a backdrop in 'Naatu Naatu'. (Youtube )
Published on Jan 23, 2023 02:19 PM IST
By, Delhi

Russia: HIV-positive teens refusing treatment

Russian teenagers who are HIV-positive face discrimination and serious psychological stress. Quite a few, however, are ditching the medicine they desperately need to keep their infections in check.

Russian teenagers and young adults with HIV face serious psychological stress and sometimes stop taking their medicine(Felix Schlikis/Lobeca/IMAGO)
Published on Jan 22, 2023 02:58 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

2023: Year of the Rabbit

A symbol of prosperity, abundance and fertility in Chinese, European and some American cultures, here's a look at some famous rabbits of pop culture.

Rabbits are almost universally seen as symbols of fertility due to their reproductive prowess (CFOTO/picture alliance)
Published on Jan 21, 2023 06:21 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

International travel surged in 2022, UN says

A UN World Tourism Organization report shows international tourism is again picking up, but has yet to reach pre-pandemic levels. China's reopening is expected to provide a boost toward recovery in 2023.

International tourism is again picking up, but has yet to reach pre-pandemic levels. (Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto/picture alliance)
Published on Jan 18, 2023 05:07 PM IST
By, Delhi

Can India's new cervical cancer vaccine protect more women?

Indian scientists have developed a more accessible, low-cost vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Health officials hope to reduce what has become the second-most common cancer in India.

Preventing cervical cancer starts with vaccinating girls against HPV(Biju Boro/AFP)
Published on Jan 12, 2023 07:16 PM IST
By | Edited by Parmita Uniyal

Trouble sleeping: A common symptom of long COVID

Various studies show that long COVID patients frequently suffer from insomnia and other sleep problems.

Sleep doesn't come easy when you have COVID ― and the problem might persist after the other symptoms cease (blackday/Zoonar/picture alliance )
Published on Jan 10, 2023 08:44 AM IST
By | Posted by Tapatrisha Das

German air travel slow to recover from COVID-19 pandemic

Germany is lagging behind other EU countries in terms of seats sold on flights to and from the country, figures show. Domestic air travel is showing the slowest recovery from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Air travel to and from Germany is still much reduced. (Patrick Pleul/dpa/picture-alliance)
Published on Jan 08, 2023 11:37 AM IST
By | Posted by Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

US: FDA approves anti-Alzheimer's drug

Preliminary data from a September trial showed the drug slowed cognitive decline by 27% in patients. It also indicated that the treatment risks brain swelling and bleeding among some patients.

The US drug regulator has approved the anti-Alzheimer's medicine Leqembi through an accelerated process. (Dominick Reuter/AFP)
Published on Jan 07, 2023 03:40 PM IST
By | Posted by Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

Experts forecast 2023 travel preferences

Analysts predict the coronavirus pandemic and inflation will continue shaping how and where we choose to spend our holidays in 2023. Environmental considerations will play a minor role.

Travel experts predict holidaymakers will be more reluctant to spend big sums of money. (Micha Korb/pressefoto korb/picture alliance)
Published on Jan 07, 2023 12:21 PM IST
By | Posted by Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

XBB.1.5 likely to be the next major COVID subvariant

The new subvariant is no more deadly than omicron, but early indications suggest that it spreads more quickly.

XBB.1.5 likely to be the next major COVID subvariant(Pixabay)
Updated on Jan 06, 2023 06:16 PM IST
By | Posted by Tapatrisha Das
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