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German air travel slow to recover from COVID-19 pandemic

Germany is lagging behind other EU countries in terms of seats sold on flights to and from the country, figures show. Domestic air travel is showing the slowest recovery from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Air travel to and from Germany is still much reduced. (Patrick Pleul/dpa/picture-alliance)
Published on Jan 08, 2023 11:37 AM IST
By | Posted by Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

US: FDA approves anti-Alzheimer's drug

Preliminary data from a September trial showed the drug slowed cognitive decline by 27% in patients. It also indicated that the treatment risks brain swelling and bleeding among some patients.

The US drug regulator has approved the anti-Alzheimer's medicine Leqembi through an accelerated process. (Dominick Reuter/AFP)
Published on Jan 07, 2023 03:40 PM IST
By | Posted by Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

Experts forecast 2023 travel preferences

Analysts predict the coronavirus pandemic and inflation will continue shaping how and where we choose to spend our holidays in 2023. Environmental considerations will play a minor role.

Travel experts predict holidaymakers will be more reluctant to spend big sums of money. (Micha Korb/pressefoto korb/picture alliance)
Published on Jan 07, 2023 12:21 PM IST
By | Posted by Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

XBB.1.5 likely to be the next major COVID subvariant

The new subvariant is no more deadly than omicron, but early indications suggest that it spreads more quickly.

XBB.1.5 likely to be the next major COVID subvariant(Pixabay)
Updated on Jan 06, 2023 06:16 PM IST
By | Posted by Tapatrisha Das

India: New Delhi's tiny Jewish community keeps customs alive

India's capital has only one synagogue and a small Jewish community of fewer than 10 families. Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar works to bring people together and preserve Jewish traditions.

New Delhi is home to tiny community of fewer than 10 Jewish families. (Tanika Godbole/DW)
Published on Jan 03, 2023 02:47 PM IST
By, Delhi

France offers free condoms to young people

President Emmanuel Macron's government will subsidize the cost of male contraceptives to cut the number of sexually transmitted infections.

France is keen to reduce unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. (Jochen Tack/picture alliance)
Published on Jan 02, 2023 01:00 PM IST
By, Delhi

New Year's Eve customs in Germany

All over the world, people celebrate the turn of the year. Time-honored German traditions include fireworks, champagne, lucky charms — and the ritual of watching a certain TV sketch.

New Year's Eve customs in Germany(WILLY KURNIAWAN/REUTERS)
Published on Dec 31, 2022 05:09 PM IST

How to spot skin cancer: Symptoms, treatment and protection

Skin cancer rates are rising, possibly due to global heating. Here's how to spot a melanoma and stay safe in the sun.

Skin cancers are rare in Africa and Asia, but data suggest African countries could see a 96% increase in new cases in the next 20 years.(Andrey Popov/Panthermedia/IMAGO)
Published on Dec 29, 2022 08:05 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

Why some athletes may be at increased risk of skin cancer

The danger of developing skin cancer was highlighted in 2022 when Manuel Neuer shared his experience. Athletes exposed to the sun more than the general public are at higher risk of contracting the disease.

In November, Manuel Neuer went public about his experiences with skin cancer(Norbert Schmidt/IMAGO)
Published on Dec 29, 2022 04:26 PM IST

Sleep training for elite athletes

Elite athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo or German yachtsman Boris Herrmann sleep not only at night, but also several times a day. The reasons vary, and the benefits are questionable.

An untimely nap would coast Boris Herrmann a place on the podium in the 2021 Vendée-Globe race(Boris Herrmann/Team-Malizia/dpa/picture alliance)
Published on Dec 28, 2022 08:56 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

China's nixing of quarantine rules gives hope to travellers

The measure is expected to revive the tourism sector globally, with China being a major source of outbound travellers. However, the return to normal will not happen overnight.

China's scrapping of travel quarantine is expected to revive the tourism sector worldwide. (Ng Han Guan/AP Photo/picture alliance)
Published on Dec 28, 2022 01:46 PM IST

How New York came to love Jewish delis

In the 19th century, Jewish and European immigrants founded what would become New York's world-famous delis. The specialty food shops are now featured in an exhibition in the Big Apple.

New York's Carnegie Deli was founded in 1934. (Ei Katsumata/Alamy Stock Photo)
Published on Dec 27, 2022 12:55 PM IST
By, Delhi

Top German virologist says COVID-19 pandemic is over

Famous German virologist Christian Dorsten believes the coronavirus pandemic has ended and COVID-19 is now an endemic disease. And Justice Minister Marco Buschmann called for the last restrictive measures to be lifted.

As virologists are talking about the end of the pandemic, German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann called for the last restrictive measures to be lifted, (Michael Gstettenbauer/IMAGO)
Published on Dec 27, 2022 12:42 PM IST
By, Delhi

Art vs. angst: Brussels offers a new way to beat depression

Museums and doctors in the Belgian capital are teaming up on an initiative that uses cultural outings as an antidote to depression. Teri Schultz tags along for a "treatment."

Certain paintings can help lift a bad mood in depressed patients. (Teri Schultz/DW)
Published on Dec 25, 2022 03:15 PM IST
By, Delhi

Why asking 'how old are you?' isn't rude in South Korea

Asking someone you've just met how old they are may be impolite in many cultures, but in South Korea it's one of the first questions people ask one another. Why is knowing someone's age so important for South Koreans?

Many South Koreans are rejoicing at suddenly becoming a year or two younger when the country adopts the international age system from June 2023. (picture alliance / Daniel Kalker)
Published on Dec 25, 2022 02:26 PM IST
By, Delhi

Bethlehem celebrates Christmas as tourists return

Pilgrims were taking part in Christmas procession and midnight Mass after two years of muted celebrations due to COVID.

Marching bands that lead festive processions near the Church of the Nativity (Majdi Mohammed/AP Photo/picture alliance )
Published on Dec 25, 2022 01:15 PM IST
By | Posted by Tapatrisha Das

Will a Nazi poet's Christmas carol remain in book of hymns?

A Christmas carol by a Nazi poet loyal to the regime is still in the Protestant hymnal. Now, there is a discussion about removing the song by Hermann Claudius in the next edition.

The Protestant Hymnal(Frank Wunderratsch/dpa/picture alliance)
Published on Dec 23, 2022 04:30 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

5 tips for a sustainable Christmas

The festive season is a time of goodwill, food, gifts — and a lot of waste. So, here's a short guide to having yourself a sustainable little Christmas.

From food to gifts, Christmas is the season of overconsumption(Geoffrey Swaine/Avalon/Photoshot/bpicture alliance)
Published on Dec 21, 2022 07:21 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

The best science, innovation and health stories of 2022

2022 was great for science, with historic space missions to archeological discoveries and plenty to learn in medicine.

Space featured heavily in science news in 2022(NASA/Newscom/picture alliance)
Published on Dec 21, 2022 06:49 PM IST

Sex and STIs: Syphilis can kill you

The symptoms of syphilis can vary from person to person. Most often, however, you get an ulcer or boil where the bacteria that causes syphilis, treponema pallidum, enters the body. The sore can range from the size of a pimple up to a centimeter wide.

Syphilis is caused by the bacteria treponema pallidum (Imago/Science Photo Library )
Published on Dec 21, 2022 08:33 AM IST
By | Posted by Tapatrisha Das

The world's most expensive Harry Potter books at auction

A very rare edition of "The Philosopher's Stone" won by a competition winner sold for £8,000 at auction following a year of record sales for first edition copies.

A rare first edition of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'(Andrew Matthews/empics/picture alliance)
Updated on Jan 03, 2023 07:38 AM IST

How bad for the environment is traveling?

Travel allows us to explore other cultures, but it's also harmful for the environment. Can changing your mode of transportation make a difference?

Is our travel habit distroying the planet?(Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/picture alliance)
Published on Dec 16, 2022 04:35 PM IST

'Complete' Roman-era cemetery discovered in Gaza Strip

A 2,000-year-old Roman cemetery and necropolis containing up to 80 tombs was unearthed during housing construction in the northern Gaza Strip.

The discovery of Roman graves in Gaza attest to the region's rich archaeological heritage. (Mohammed Talatene/picture alliance/dpa)
Published on Dec 15, 2022 11:01 AM IST
By, Delhi

Hong Kong scraps COVID app, eases curbs for foreign visitors

Overseas travelers will now be allowed to visit bars and restaurants immediately after arriving in Hong Kong. But several other COVID rules remain in place.

Overseas travelers are no longer required to stay out of bars during their first three days in Hong Kong. (Tyrone Siu/REUTERS)
Published on Dec 13, 2022 05:10 PM IST
By, Delhi

UK: 13-year-old receives 'world-first' leukemia treatment

The patient with "incurable" T-cell leukemia received the groundbreaking treatment and went into remission, the hospital treating her said.

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children said Alyssa had exhausted all other forms of treatment before enrolling on the clinical trial which saw her go into remission 28 days later. (John Stillwell/empics/picture alliance)
Published on Dec 12, 2022 12:44 PM IST
By | Posted by Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

Hallucinations are more common than you think

Theories suggest hallucinations are part of normal sensory perception, not just the result of mental disorders or drugs.

The latest scientific theories say hallucinations are a normal part of sensory perception.(rolffimages /IMAGO)
Published on Dec 10, 2022 07:18 PM IST

What is biodiversity and why is it so important?

Delegates from nearly 200 countries are in Montreal to find a way to protect the world's nature. But what's at risk when ecosystems are lost, and animals and plants go extinct?

What is biodiversity and why is it so important? (Patrick Pleul/dpa/picture alliance)
Updated on Dec 09, 2022 03:24 PM IST
By, Delhi

Turkey's weak lira affects the tourism industry

Tourism in Turkey made a comeback in 2022. The low value of the Turkish lira has attracted tourists, yet citizens are struggling due to inflation.

The low value of the Turkish lira has attracted tourists in 2022, yet citizens are struggling. (Sarah Hucal/DW )
Published on Dec 08, 2022 05:18 PM IST
By, Delhi

2022 Turner Prize goes to Veronica Ryan

At 66, the British sculptor became the oldest recipient of the Turner Prize, one of the world's most prestigious accolades for visual arts.

Veronica Ryan, winner of the 2022 Turner Prize — wearing her dad's hat(Danny Lawson/PA/AP/picture alliance)
Published on Dec 08, 2022 04:44 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal

Common gestures with different meanings around the world

The German national football team covered their mouths at the World Cup in protest against FIFA, but a completely different message was sent in Qatar.

The German football team players covering their mouth for a group photo(Pressebildagentur ULMER/picture alliance)
Published on Dec 08, 2022 01:45 PM IST
By | Posted by Parmita Uniyal
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