Tyres for a smooth sail on the roads

The Beat Diesel will be launched in July 2011 and the price is likely to be R 80,000 more than the equivalent petrol model.

autos Updated: Jul 13, 2011 02:02 IST

I have a query about my bike, a Honda Unicorn. I want to increase the power of its headlamp. Currently, it has a stock Philips bulb HS1 35/35W, but I want to replace it with an H4 BV+ 12V 60/55W. Is this possible? If not, what else can be done? I also want a thicker rear tyre. What specifications do you recommend?

Aditya Nalawade

Look out for H4 bulbs that comply with the 35/35W rating of your bike. Putting an H4 60/55W bulb will give you a much dimmer beam than what’s present. You could also put a thicker, 100/90 X 18-inch tyre if your bike is one of the earlier models that used a 3.00 x 18-inch tyre. Do not put a tyre that has a profile thicker than 100/90 X 18 inches.

I own a Honda CB Twister. I feel that the front and rear tyres (70/100-17 40P and 80/100-17 53P respectively) are among the skinniest and probably the most vulnerable in bad roads. The bike skids every time I cross the tramlines. Can I replace the wheels of my Twister with the CBF Stunner’s fatter and better gripped front and rear (80/100-17 M/C 46P and 100/90-17 M/C 55P respectively) or with the CB Dazzler’s front and rear (80/100-17 M/C 46P and110/80-17 M/C 57P respectively) tyres? Also, does it affect my bike’s performance and mileage if I replace the tyres? I usually get a mileage of around 63kpl, and I don’t mind if it reduces to 55-58kpl with the change.


No, you can’t interchange tyres without causing a lot of negative side effects to your bike. We suggest sticking with the original MRF tyres that came with your motorcycle. Make sure you look after tyre pressure properly and keep checking it at regular intervals.

When is the Chevrolet Beat Diesel expected in the market? Reports had indicated a launch in early 2011 but it is still nowhere in sight.

Jashan Sohal

The Beat Diesel will be launched in July 2011 and the price is likely to be Rs 80,000 more than the equivalent petrol model. It is the first diesel model to be launched in the sub-compact category and will be powered by a 936cc three-cylinder engine developing 58.5bhp and 15.3kgm of torque.

First Published: Jul 12, 2011 17:00 IST