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I won’t present AbRam to the world: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan on why he named his son AbRam, being reclusive and quiet in real life, and why he doesn't want to talk about his famous hug with Salman Khan. Minakshi Saini Kathait chats up with the actor.

bollywood Updated: Aug 16, 2013 14:17 IST
Minakshi Saini Kathait
Minakshi Saini Kathait
Hindustan Times
Shah Rukh Khan,Hindustan Times,Entertainment

Shah Rukh Khan on why he named his son AbRam, being reclusive and quiet in real life, and why he doesn't want to talk about his famous hug with Salman Khan. Minakshi Saini Kathait chats up with the actor.

Your last film has made Rs 100 crore in the first three did you manage to pull it off?
I have not done it alone. There are too many people involved in it, for me to take the credit. It’s a film which was made for a family and therefore attracted a lot more eyeballs.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan

A number of celebs including Amitabh Bachchan have called your second son, AbRam, a beautiful child. When do we get to see him?

I am just waiting for him to get better and then would love to spend some more time with him first. And if you asking me when am I planning to present him to the the answer is ‘Never’. Let him grow old and when he steps out of the house and somebody photographs him, that is okay. I feel a little odd having to put my children in a position which makes them a little more special than they really are. They are normal kids and I want normalcy around them. It will be nice if they are left alone, though it’s a little unrealistic to think so.

Did you decide the name AbRam? Why is his name written differently? You said you’re waiting for him to get’s he doing?
You know, it’s like how I write my name, Shah Rukh... that is how my father decided it — in two words. Similarly, I decided to write his name like that. His name is based on a variation of Prophet Abraham. And I liked the connotation that it’s kind of a secular name. We are a Hindu-Muslim family so to say, and I want my children to grow up without any difference of opinion in the name. It’s nice this way and has more universal appeal.

As far as his health goes, he is well and he should, Inshallah, be much better by the end of the month. He is not in intensive care but is in special care in the house. We are not allowed to see him too often, as he runs the risk of getting infected.

Were you upset the way news of his arrival into your family, broke in the media?
I don’t know how to comment on how the news got out. A part of it was not nice. All the talk about sex determination was unnecessary, untrue, upsetting and uncalled for. I mean, we had had our baby, so we knew whether it’s a boy or a girl. He was in a state where we were not too sure of his health. It was a very awkward and sad state to be in. Also I don’t like to explain things that don’t exist and I still won’t. But it’s unfortunate that we had to send official letters to explain our stand, which is not a good feeling. I know I am a public figure but sometimes there needs to be a line drawn in terms of not just privacy but respectability. AbRam does not even know that he has been a topic of conversation without any reason — right or wrong.

Being at the peak of you career, with crores of there ever a fear of losing this super stardom?
Personally I am reclusive and quiet. I appreciate the love that I have got from these people and the fact that I can bring a smile to their faces. But at the same time I am quite dichotomous, I have a very quiet way of living. If you see me in my house where I am in my own space, I am like a zombie . I have two extremes...I am extremely energetic when it comes to my work but at the same time I am calm in my personal life. Either of the state is okay for me. Whatever life chooses for me, I will accept it.

Do you wish to act till you die or do you have something else planned 10 years down the lane?
We have a nice production house running I will continue to produce good films. But my core competence lies in acting and playing real and unreal characters. I would like to keep doing that, as I have many exciting stories to tell. I have never sat and thought what I would like to do 10 years down the lane. I enjoy the acting part of it most, though I have been doing it for the past 22 years.

Everyone is talking about your famous hug with Salman Khan, was he invited for the big Eid celebration at Mannat?
I won’t answer this because this is the most stale subject that I have answered questions on in the past four to five years. I think it’s boring for him and me to keep answering these questions. Bottom line: we have grown up and want the world to grow up too.

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in a still from Chennai Express

First Published: Aug 16, 2013 13:40 IST