Saif is a cool guy. I had no issues working with him: Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor talks about family, his career, plans for his birthday, working with Saif Ali Khan in Rangoon, and more.

bollywood Updated: Feb 18, 2017 07:24 IST
Prashant Singh
Prashant Singh
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Shahid Kapoor says he had great fun working on his new film, Rangoon.(HT Photo)

Last year, he became a proud father when his daughter, Misha was born. Like any other doting dad, Shahid Kapoor finds it difficult to stay away from his daughter. “The process of being a father is a lifelong one,” says the actor, as he talks about his career, daughter Misha, and his films including his next, Rangoon.

You and your wife Mira Rajput went on Karan Johar’s talk show, where she came across as an extremely confident and articulate person…

It’s been about two years and a couple of months since we got married, so I sort of discovered these things about her long back. People hadn’t seen her public side, but I knew that about her. And I am happy that now, other people also know these things about Mira.

Shahid Kapoor married the Delhi girl, Mira Rajput in a quiet ceremony in Delhi. (HT Photo)

Apparently, Mira is throwing a special birthday bash to celebrate your 36th birthday…

It was supposed to be a surprise, which now everybody knows about (laughs). However, I am looking forward to it (the bash). I have been busy with promoting [my film]. So, it will be a nice break from promotions, and I’ll get to spend time with my loved ones.

Actually, Mira and I have been so occupied with Misha that she felt the need to invite my friends to have a good time together. I will probably not be in town on my birthday. That day, I will be with my family, so that’s why she decided to give me a surprise.

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Does a new film’s release still make you nervous?

Yes, I don’t think that feeling of having butterflies in the stomach, especially during the last few days of promotions, will ever go away. Because it’s that kind of a job wherein you can never say how people will feel [about a film]. You can never predict whether people will like the film or not, so that feeling is always there.

Also, nowadays, we promote a film so much that we are completely occupied with doing just that and don’t get time to think about how it will perform. Having said that, I feel my next is a credible and a fresh film. So, I am optimistic that the audience will give it an opportunity.

Shahid Kapoor-starrer Shaandaar was a flop at the box office. (HT Photo)

There is a lot of talk about you and Saif coming together in Rangoon...

You expect these kinds of reactions. It’s natural for such things to come up. I am just happy, because he is a really cool guy, and I didn’t have any issues working with him. He seemed chilled out. We had a good time, because essentially this is what you need to make a good film. You need to go through a collaborative process to make it work.

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Is it difficult to stay away from Misha?

I remember the first few times that I left home for work, I was not in a good mood the whole day. However slowly, I got used to the fact that I’ll not get to be with her all day on a daily basis.

So, I wake up early and spend some time with her, and if I can, I try to get back home before she goes to sleep. I try and do one of these two things on working days, although she sleeps early. I guess every guy has to get used to that.

Shahid Kapoor’s Haider was a hit with audiences. (HT Photo)

Have you gotten used to playing the father’s role?

The process of being a father is lifelong. So, I guess I am comfortable with everything that I have experienced so far. However, I am sure there are so many surprises, which are going to come along.

You mentioned somewhere that you want Misha to have a normal life…

Of course, there is a lot that comes with being an actor. I think any father or mother would worry about things that could be good or bad for their children. So, there are certain things, which are peculiar to the fact that I am an actor. If somebody works in some other profession, they would have their share of concerns for their child.

You just want the best for your child, and that’s a natural feeling. I am honest in saying what I feel. I don’t feel the need to be politically correct. So, of course, certain things worry me and I hope she will have a balanced life but then that’s life.

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Are you upset about the violence against Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of Padmavati?

I hope people watch the film and then decide for themselves. Everybody’s feelings must be respected and I think that is being looked into. Sanjay sir is very particular about it. I request that people shouldn’t believe in any kind of rumours that are going around because in such sensitive matters, people should wait to see the film.

And I know that Sanjay sir is trying his best to manage [respecting everyone’s feelings] that. Having said that, violence is not the way.

Shahid Kapoor got a lot of critical acclaim for his performance in Kaminey. (HT Photo)

You have worked with actors such as Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan in Rangoon. Does such a set-up lead to some insecurity?

I always feel Vishal sir is home territory. It’s like when Indian cricket team plays in India (smiles). So, it’s a comfortable space for me. Beyond that, I feel that both Kangana and Saif are very good in the film. I have just done a film like Udta Punjab (2016), where there were four important characters and the film would be incomplete without those people.

The same way, this film would also be incomplete without the presence of these stars or actors, who are of the same calibre. I think it helped me improve myself, change stuff and discover new things.

Shahid Kapoor started his career with Ishq Vishk. (HT Photo)

There were rumours that you had some issues with Kangana…

I don’t remember having any fights. You can ask Kangana if she remembers anything. I don’t have any memory of such an issue with her. I enjoyed myself while making the film and I make sure that I am having a good time while I am doing my movies. My focus is on my acting and on my work.

We heard that your father, Pankaj Kapur, reacted very positively to your upcoming film.

Yes, and more so because he is honest with his opinions. He doesn’t say something if he doesn’t feel it. In fact, when I got to know that he was going to see the film, I also reached there. I was actually not permitted to go for that screening, as it was not supposed to be for the actors.

But I just got curious to see his reaction. Especially, as a son, I wanted to catch his honest and first reaction. I wanted to see his face because when I do that, I know if he is happy or not. So, I could understand that he was happy with my film, and for me, that was a beautiful thing.

Shahid Kapoor was appreciated for his outing as a drug addict rock star in Udta Punjab. (HT Photo)

Your brother Ishaan has started shooting for his debut film. Are you excited?

I know how much hard work I had to put in to get that first break [in Bollywood]. I know how difficult it is to get that opportunity and how rare are the people, who are in that privileged place, so it’s the happiest feeling to know that my brother has got that opportunity. I am very happy and have my fingers crossed. I only wish the best for him.

First Published: Feb 17, 2017 19:52 IST