10 budget-friendly trips for Autumn 2021

Updated on Jun 29, 2021 07:46 PM IST

Autumn, with its colors and mild temperatures, is a perfect time to discover new destinations.

10 budget-friendly trips for Autumn 2021
10 budget-friendly trips for Autumn 2021
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Looking for inspiration between weekends in European capitals and romantic escapes in nature? Here are 10 beautiful cities that are cheap. The 10 budget-friendly trips to do in September, October and November.

Autumn, with its colors and mild temperatures, is a perfect time to discover new destinations. And it is also because, usually, flights to most destinations are cheap. You can get Emirates airlines bookings for traveling to these destinations. We have selected the 10 cheapest for you. You just have to leave!

The best of the Atlantic, Galicia (Spain)

Okay, in 2017 Spain is not really a secret, but be patient, we are not talking about the usual weekend of partying in Magaluf. Think instead of the autonomous region of Galicia, on the North-West coast, until now still far from the flow of mass tourism.

The cliffs of this region are reminiscent of the majesty of the Norwegian fjords, its mild climate resembles the Italian spring and the prices of coffee and beers are so low that you will feel like you are back in the nineties.

The Turkish wonder - Turunc (Turkey)

Watching an Olympic diver glide gently into the waters of a swimming pool is certainly a fascinating spectacle. But seeing hotel prices plummeting is also a sight that can be equally noteworthy, as a quick search for resorts along the Turkish coast demonstrates.

However, if you prefer to avoid the crowds of tourists that flock to Turkey's major tourist spots, there are various options worth considering. If you are looking for something romantic, but leave the possibility of going to some party open, the village of Turunc could be for you.

Golden Sands Race (Bulgaria)

Are you looking for a cheap place to find sun, sand and music? At Golden Sands resort on the Black Sea, Bulgaria, you can be on the safe side. With a huge variety of seaside venues offering 24-hour entertainment, it seems incredible that the beaches of this location can withstand the impact of thousands of patrons every night.

In addition, the fixed price of just over € 7 for two hours of "all you can drink" speaks for itself.

Alpine adventures - High Tatras (Slovakia)

Are you an active lifestyle person but do you prefer the rhythm of nature to that of the dance floor? In this case, the mountains of the High Tatras are for you. Located almost entirely within the Slovakian borders, this small mountain range is able to offer nearly thirty peaks over 2,500 meters high.

The height of the peaks is in stark contrast to the low prices to visit them: these start at just € 45 per person per day for a group of four. The best way to reach the High Tatras is by train from Prague.

Let's get it on - Berlin

Are you a city animal looking for a trendy metropolis at a sustainable price? Then the German capital is a must. Begin your tour with an expedition to the famous Torstrasse shops and bars in the Mitte district, then use your leftover loose change for a quick lunch in the street food jungle of Friedrichshain, Neukölln or Kreuzberg.

In the evening, you can visit one of the famous techno clubs in the city. Our suggestions: Club der Visionaere, Zur Wilde Renate, Griessmuehle, Klunkerkranich or Katerblau.

Under the sea - Red Sea (Egypt)

When it comes to Egypt, the first things that come to mind are the pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings. What you may not know, however, is that the land of the pharaohs is also home to some of the most colorful sites diving to the world and the seaside resort of Hurghada, on the Red Sea, its flagship.

Given the always mild climate even during the winter months, there is no better time to catch the ball and go. Red Sea diving packages start at € 20 per dive.

Treasure Island - Dominican Republic

Imagine walking barefoot on a beach of fine sand, touching turquoise waters with your toes and relaxing in the shade of a tropical palm and when evening falls to enjoy a fruit cocktail, perhaps accompanied by a good cigar: a real Caribbean delight.

That this dream is destined to remain so, judging by the availability of your wallet? Not necessarily: if you know where to go, everything is possible. For example on the island of Hispaniola, in the Dominican Republic.

The miracle of Malabar - India

When choosing a distant destination like India as a holiday destination, in many cases the flight is always the biggest expense. But the good news is that once you get there, you can literally live with next to nothing.

This means that if you don't have pressing time obligations to meet, the longer you stay, the more it will be worth it! On the Kerala coast, you can eat like a sultan, travel first class on trains and sleep in comfortable guesthouses, all for a handful of euros.

Baltic beauty - Riga (Latvia)

In the past, Latvia was considered a gray, gloomy and decaying post-Soviet state. Recently, however, its capital Riga dissipated this reputation and began to be recognized for what it truly is: a beautiful and classy city.

What was the most striking thing in the past? Its prices, which have made a holiday in this Hanseatic city more affordable than ever. Walking through the old town you can admire the details of its Art Noveau facades.

A panacea for the budget - Cambodia

As soon as you arrive, sample a street-cooked Kampot Pepper Crab just off the banks of the Mekong. And then? Are you undecided between a boat ride or a cocktail? And why not both? Continue by exploring the markets of Phnom Pehn and buying some souvenirs. Don't worry, you can afford it! Cambodia is even cheaper than Thailand and Vietnam.

Bottom line

Prices refer to searches made on 24.01.2017. Prices are indicated in EUR. Flight prices are based on search results for round-trip economy class flights. Prices may change or no longer be available.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved in the creation of this content.

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