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4 Ways To Send High Quality Images On Whatsapp

ByHT Brand Studio
Aug 11, 2021 08:30 PM IST

Apart from all this, there is one thing that some users don't like about Whatsapp messenger and that is the inability to send high-quality images through Whatsapp. Yes, you may have heard of WhatsApp working on Sending HQ images & Pictures.

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that connects billions of users from all over the world for everyday use. If you see its popularity, that is increasing every day among smartphone users. That is the reason why it became one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

Whatsapp Icon
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Whatsapp is making connections among families, friends, relatives, classmates from long distances and very conveniently without any issues. People often say that they even think of spending a day without it.

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Apart from all this, there is one thing that some users don't like about Whatsapp messenger and that is the inability to send high-quality images through Whatsapp. Yes, you may have heard of WhatsApp working on Sending HQ images & Pictures, But we still don’t know when we will be seeing this feature in future updates. And people do not want to wait anymore.

If you are also one of them who hates this thing about Whatsapp not allowing you to send the original quality image, then this article is for you.

For those who don't know Whatsapp has been designed for daily use and for that, it uses less mobile data to ensure you fewer charges. But on the other hand, it has the unfortunate result of negatively affecting the quality of the image.

To ensure faster data transmission, Whatsapp reduces about 70% of image quality by default. It is a good feature when sending images for daily use.

But, what about sending an image to someone who is a friend or family of you asking for the high-quality image that you shot with your camera. What will you do?

Thankfully, there are ways through which you can easily send high-quality images through Whatsapp to anyone you want. In this article, we will share 4 Ways to Send High-Quality Images on WhatsApp.

Send Image as Document in WhatsApp

This is the easiest and most used method by WhatsApp users. In this method, you send images via the document option in WhatsApp. Here's how you can do it.

Open your Whatsapp Messenger and Open any chat.

Now, you can see a paper clip icon at the bottom of the chat screen and next to the camera icon.

Click on it (paper clip icon), you will see list of icon menu appears and now, click on the documents option

Select the picture you want to send in documents from the mobile. And if you don't see your pic then click on the Browse other docs option on top.

Once you locate your favourite image file, select it and click on the send button.

This method works both on Android and ios. When using this method, don't expect it to be fast. As it depends on the file size and your internet speed.

Renaming the image

There is another way of sending high-quality images through WhatsApp without losing any bit. That can be done by simply renaming the extensions of the image files you want to send. Steps to do so -

Open your file manager and locate the image file you want to send.

Now select the image and rename it from PNG or JPEG to .doc or PDF.

Go to Whatsapp and send renamed files using the document option.

Ask the recipient of the image file to Rename .doc or PDF. to PNG or JPEG

Renaming image files extension works because Whatsapp is unable to recognise it as an image and send it as it is without compression.

Creating multiple images as a Zip

Another popular way of sending high-quality images using Whatsapp is to compress images to make them zip files. It helps to retain the quality of the image while transferring. Here are the steps

This method is helpful when you have multiple high-quality images to send. The recipient of the image doesn't have to rename every single file compressed in the zip folder

Use your file manager or some third party zipping app to compress the high-quality image folder.

Now, go to WhatsApp and select the zip folder using the documents option.

On the other side, the recipient of the images will only have to uncompress the folder.

This is how you can send high-quality images to your friends and family without losing quality on Whatsapp.

Uploading Images to the Drive & Sharing the Image Link

Lastly, we have this method left with us. It can be used to send even bigger files that you couldn't even possibly imagine. Using this method you upload your important image files to the cloud and give access to the recipient. Here are the steps to how you can do so -

Upload your images to either iCloud or Gdrive.

Select the image you want to share.

Right-click and select Get sharable link.

Copy the link and Share it with the person you want to in Whatsapp chats.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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