Vishesh Motwani
Vishesh Motwani

Artist Vishesh Motwani sings to the beat of our hearts in his debut song

Eclectic is a great way to describe Vishesh, a rising pop artist from Mumbai, India who's young, chocked-full of confidence and swagger.
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PUBLISHED ON JUL 26, 2021 07:11 PM IST

Vishesh Motwani, a modern-day crooner that sings with his heart and this 19-year old pop artist showcases ample potential on his debut single, "I Know You Like Me Too". While a lot of artists make songs hoping to sound like the latest greatest hit, Vishesh Motwani has taken the artistic approach and created something original and honest with his delightful debut single. Eclectic is a great way to describe Vishesh, a rising pop artist from Mumbai, India who's young, chocked-full of confidence and swagger.

With liquid gold musicality, velvety vocals, relatable lyrics, and nostalgic vibes "I Know You Like Me Too" makes your heart tickle. It's a mood-lifter in the best sort of way, making your heart feel full, fitting many different scenarios as well as working as a casual yet heartfelt reminder for any of you to tell the person you like, all the secrets of your heart. This whiz-kid, electric young boy is definitely one to watch in the coming days for his heartwarming voice, nostalgic music and alluring charm.

I see a lot of people who want to pretend, " I’ll never fall in love, I’m too cool," Vishesh said. “But, we all want to fall in love. This song is about a feeling where you really like someone and you know they like you too but both of you are playing hard to get, ignoring each other's calls/texts, pretending to be disinterested but deep down there, the only thing both of you want is to be with each other. I found myself feeling the same thing and realized I might not be the only one. So I wanted to give people a song where they could relate to this feeling and find the rush in their hearts to tell their crush they like them", says Vishesh.

"I Know You Like Me Too" is the song we all need, to be able to confront our feelings of love and likeness for a person. The music production is classic, distinct, and slick. With a tinge of nostalgia, everything hits the right chords to your heart. The song delivers a heartfelt message through a few words, not wasting time on any sort of elaborateness, instead focusing on communicating a universal and simple sentiment through the statement, ‘I know you like me too’. This pop artist shouldn’t be slept on – he has plenty of potential. The proof is in the pudding, a rather enjoyable single. Not to forget, the captivating music video shot and directed by Sandesh Motwani, Vishesh's elder brother who's also a Singer-Songwriter himself, only marks an extraordinary partnership for one of many to come from the "Wonder Brothers".

We see a promising talent who is sure to have made a place in our hearts with his honest composition, feeling like a warm hug to everyone who needs it. A nice melody, beat and simple lyrics take “I Know You Like Me Too” to a whole other level of adorableness making us look forward to more.


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