Simran Taneja
Simran Taneja

“Beauty is being yourself” believes Global Influencer, Simran Taneja

Simran Taneja's unique and popular content is relatable and engaging.
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON JUL 30, 2021 05:41 PM IST

Simran Taneja, a global influencer, mommy blogger, fashionista, entrepreneur, and doting mother of two, thinks that "beauty is being yourself." Simran runs a lovely business selling gowns, jumpsuits, and dresses, which she enjoys immensely.

Hailing from Kuwait, Simran is a member of a close-knit Sikh family. Her family instilled in her the ability to be an independent and self-assured lady from an early age. Her main values in life are independence, freedom, confidence, and self-reliance, all of which she cherishes.

This multi-talented person completed her Master in Mass Communications and started her career in the corporate sector. Following her path through life, she married in 2005 and met the love of her life, who became her strongest support system and encouraged her to keep working. She went on to work for reputable organizations such as Zee and Discovery after that. Simran also worked as a model for Gaursons around this time.

After her marriage, Simran's motherhood came as a big blessing in her life. She then decided to devote her entire focus to her children, sacrificing her lucrative career in the process. Simran, on the other hand, being a natural go-getter, could not have sat at home.

That's when the notion of starting her own business and being an influencer germinated. Being an influencer isn't simple, especially when there are so many young, successful bloggers around. Simran's unique and popular content, on the other hand, is relatable and engaging. She has a sizable fan base on Instagram as of right now.

Being a passionate person, she constructed a new path for herself whenever she felt she wasn't doing enough. Simran is also a professional makeup artist who not only uses her talent to improve her own attractiveness but also to provide makeup and beauty suggestions to her Instagram followers.

Inspiring all the women around her, Simran is a great champion for encouraging married women to dream at all stages of their lives. She also competed in Mrs. India World 2021 and won the title of Mrs. Beyond Excellence for being such a positive impact, perfectionist, and powerful woman throughout her life.

A person full of life who has made her name on social media platforms, Simran is a true inspiration for all the women who lose hope after marriage or becoming a mother. She has truly made us believe that age is just a number and if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything.

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