The top survey tells us that with certifications there is a 40% hike in salary and is the way to find lucrative jobs in the market.
The top survey tells us that with certifications there is a 40% hike in salary and is the way to find lucrative jobs in the market.

Best IT Certifications

  • The top survey tells us that with certifications there is a 40% hike in salary and is the way to find lucrative jobs in the market.
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PUBLISHED ON JUN 10, 2021 04:53 PM IST

You may be confused about which best IT certifications to choose out of a lot of IT certifications in the market. In this article, we will introduce you to the best IT certifications that matter the most. Are you serious about building your career? Are you looking for certifications that may leverage your skills in the organization and build a great career for you? Or Are you confused about a lot of certifications in the market and which ones you need to choose? We will tell you in the subsequent paragraph which one to choose from.

We all know that certifications are a great way to build one's career and enhance your skills. The top survey tells us that with certifications there is a 40% hike in salary and is the way to find lucrative jobs in the market.

Top 5 best IT certifications:

DevOps Certification

One of the top 5 best IT certifications in the market is DevOps. DevOps is the culture that brings together operations and development functions. DevOps has been adopted by various software-making organizations throughout the world for its lot of advantages. DevOps is the new trend in software making and has a great future in the coming years. You learn automation, coding, collaboration, teamwork, communication, and a lot of tools by adopting DevOps. One of the best ways to start is by getting the DevOps training from a leading institute. DevOps Course provides online training to all the aspirants and professionals to start the career in DevOps.

CSM Certification

The next highest-rated certification is the Scrum Master Certification. Certified Scrum Master Certification enables you to become a scrum master and control the software development project by using scrum principles throughout the software development life cycle. By becoming a scrum master you can control, manage, advise and show leadership skills in the areas of the scrum. One should remember that the scrum principles and concepts are derived from the software agile framework. Scrum consists of product backlogs, sprint backlogs, and work done that are stages of the scrum.

CSPO Certification

Certified Scrum Product Owner certification is also a certification for the agile practices of the scrum. The CSPO certification is also called Product Owner certification which is at a very higher level than the Scrum Master certification. A product owner is a person who owns the project at a high level controls the project by showing leadership skills by allocating resources, budget and appoints a scrum master to manage the project effectively and efficiently. The product owner in the Scrum process is the owner of the product backlog items and makes the epics and user stories from the customer requirements. He also does the sequencing of the product backlogs.

PMP Certification

PMP is a project management professional certification widely accepted and preferred over other project management certifications. If you are aspiring to be a manager in charge of projects and make the project successful then you need to go for the project management professional certification. PMP Training offered must be in partnership with the Project Management Institute (PMI) to enhance your skills and provide you with a certificate. The PMP certification Training covers the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) principles and concepts required to become a successful manager. PMP is very vast and has got a lot of depth in it for the managers and aspiring managers.

SAFe Agile Certification

SAFe Agilist Certification is the certification provided in partnership with Scaled Agile Inc. This certification requires experience in Scrum principles and concepts and is one of the most sought-after certifications. You need to have at least 5 years of experience in software development and pass the exam conducted by the Scaled Agile Inc. SAFe is a certification that provides training in the Lean-Agile transformation framework for the organization. StarAgile provides this training in SAFe Agilist professional certification that leverages the skills of lean and agile concepts and principles in a great way.

Final takeaway

You have seen in this article some of the best IT certifications provided by StarAgile institute. You need to choose the certifications that are suitable for your career path. Speak to a StarAgile counselor who will help you decide the perfect certification that will enhance your position in the job market and your own companies by drawing better positions and salary. You can call them on +91 8884641166 or email on

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